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We’re still waiting on a date and time when pre-orders, or even orders for Google’s latest Nexus phones will go live on the Google Store in Australia. If you’re waiting for the LG built Nexus 5X and want to ogle it a little more or check out some more specs on the Nexus 5X you can do so on the LG Australia website.

There’s not a huge amount different to the current entry for the Nexus 5X on the Australian Google Store, but it’s a little more easy to see the specs. The LG site confirms the model # will be the H791, one of the models we saw when the phone went through the FCC last month.

The supported LTE frequencies are also included on the site which will see support for 700, 850, 900, 1800, 2100, 2600 MHz frequencies covering the majority of Australian carriers, though this entry misses the 2300MHz TD-LTE network on Optus which is listed on the Google Store entry.

An interesting point to note is that LG only lists the Black and Mint colour options on their site, though from our look at the source code on the Google Store we’ve seen the White model available there. It’s possible the Google Store may get exclusivity on the White model, with Australian retailers and carriers getting the Black/Mint option but could as easily be an oversight.

We’re still looking at an October 19th release to the Google Store for the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P here in Australia – but Google, LG (and Huawei for the 6P) have yet to confirm those dates. Until we see it live on the Google Store, head over to LG and check out the website now.

Source: LG Australia Nexus 5X.
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Robert BB

Overprices or under spec’d taked your pick

John Batman

Isn’t this round of Nexi exclusive to google store?

Daniel Tyson

In the US they’re not being sold through carriers, but Huawei are certainly selling the 6P through the Huawei store.


I don’t get this colour exclusivity. I want the blue phone and in the UK, the only shop offering them outside Google Play is Carphonewarehouse; who incidentally, don’t ship internationally like Clove or Handtec. Bit of a shame too, as they’re selling the 32GB for a hair over our 16GB (excluding shipping).

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