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With Android Marshmallow rolling out to Nexus devices, apparently Google is also updating their lower tier Android One handsets to Marshmallow as well.

Android Police is reporting multiple reports of Android One devices located in both India and the Philippines receiving an OTA update prompt. Handsets reportedly receiving the update notification include the Micromax Canvas A1, Spice Dream UNO and Karbon Sparkle V.

Google has ensured users with every announcement of a new Android One handset, or entry to a new market that the phones would receive updates for up to two years. The update data for some markets is being absorbed by Google for up to 6-months, making the Android One handset a pretty attractive option, if you want the latest version of Android.

While not particularly ‘high-end’ our review of the Micromax Canvas A1 handset from India showed that it’s a pretty solid handset and is priced particularly well, if you can get access to it. Google has so far limited the access to ’emerging markets’ in their focus on the next 5 billion, but if you’re travelling to a market with an Android One handset on offer, it’s well worth the effort to pick one up.

While only a few handsets are confirmed as receiving the update so far, further Android One handsets should be receiving the update shortly. I know I`ll be powering up my Canvas A1 as soon as I can.

Source: Android Police.
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Lance Haeden

My Canvas A1 updated to Marshmallow today, so far so good, still smooth.

Lance Haeden

Ah HA! – Thanks for the heads up – ‘as I madly rummage through my bag to find and charge my Canvas A1’. I’ll keep an eye out.

Darren Ferguson

Anyone know if Telstra are blocking updates again?


Hard to know, because I’m not entirely sure the OTA updates have gone through carriers yet. They’ve only just gone live on Google in the last day or two, so its unknown whether they’re going out to devices here just yet.