Marshmallow is rolling out to Nexus and Android One phones this week and with Android One fairly prevalant in non-English speaking countries, translation is a key tool. More than 50% of the internet consists of web pages in English, yet only 20% of the earth is proficient in English – this is why Google Translate is so popular. When you have Google Translate installed on your phone or tablet running Marshmallow, you can now get translations in-app.

Translating a TripAdvisor review from Portuguese

Composing a Whatsapp message in Russian

Google advises that for any developer using Android Text Selection in their app, this option will automatically be available to their users. If developers have developed their own custom text selection behaviour, they too can implement the feature, but it will take a little more work. Google has instructions for developers wanting to implement the feature over on the Android Developers Blog.

Have you installed Marshmallow on your Nexus? Have you tried out In-App Translation?

Source: Android Developers.