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Target Australia has announced a new mobile app which it will be bringing to Android users by the end of November 2015.

In launching the app, Stuart Machin, Managing Director of Target Australia said:

“Over the last two years we have invested heavily in online to create a world leading experience for our customers wherever they are. The first phase of this app will bring Australia in line with international retailers ensuring we are leading the way globally.

The Target app is the cornerstone of our connected retail strategy as it allows customers to interact with Target in ways that they never have before.”

With the new app, the company has gone right back to basics, spending weeks in store speaking to customers, understanding their needs and what will make shopping at Target easier and more enjoyable for them.

The new app includes a product scanner so customers can see online information including pricing, colour options and inspiration integrated into the online shopping experience. So no more needing to find those pesky price check points in-store and in some cases finding that they were out of order.

Machin has also said:

“The influence of digital is growing every year and so far our performance has been satisfactory and profitable. The popularity of the mobile phone has completely changed the way we live our lives and the way we shop.

It has split the traditional shopping journey into hundreds of micro-moments where preferences are formed and purchase decisions are made. We have adopted a mobile first digital strategy, because this is what our customers’ demands. This ensures we are able to help our customer decide what to buy.”

A parallel development has been rolling out assisted ordering kiosks to 42 stores; these kiosks help customers order items that aren’t in store at the time. These would undoubtedly be a boon for Target Country stores, which can be quite small and only carry a limited product range.

The new Target app is available to iOS users only at the moment, but Target have confirmed to us in a tweet that it will be coming to Android in the next six weeks.


Target does have an app on the Play Store at the moment, and it’s unknown whether the new app will install over the top of the existing, or whether a new download will be required. Given the entirely new functionality and focus, it does seem like a new app is the way Target will go.

Target Australia
Target Australia
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Source: Target Australia Newsroom.
Via: Inside Retail.

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