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A week after putting the LG built Nexus 5X up on their site for pre-order, keen eyed ex-Ausdroider, Irwin, has noticed that Australian online retailer Kogan has added the Huawei built Nexus 6P to their site with prices starting at just $729 + delivery. But just like the 5X, the phone is listed as ‘Sold Out’ in all configurations.

When they finally open the pre-order gates, the phone will be available in three colours: White Frost, Graphite Black and Aluminium, so it seems the gold coloured option remains a Japan exclusive. The phone will be available in 32GB, 64GB and 128GB storage options when it’s actually live. To that end, Kogan is offering a notification service on the site, simply enter your details to get notified when the phones are listed as ‘in stock’.

Pricing wise, Kogan is offering a pretty good deal when compared to what we saw listed as the official pricing in the source of the Google Store. The price for Kogan’s phones doesn’t include delivery like the Google Store pricing does, but at a fairly significant discount it’s pretty much worth paying the delivery fee for the Kogan offer.

Nexus 6P Google Store vs Kogan

Kogan Google Store
32GB $729+Delivery $899
64GB $799+Delivery $999
128GB $949+Delivery $1,099

There is one major discrepancy with the Kogan listing, with a 32GB Frost edition appearing that wasn’t listed on the AU Google Store and also hasn’t been seen available even in the US on the Google Store.

The Kogan Nexus 5X and 6P are most likely going to be imported stock, though they do tend to include an AU power adapter. What LTE bands will be included on the phone hasn’t been specified, so probably a good idea to wait and check that out before ordering – their online chat didn’t have any ideas.

With no official date announced for when the Nexus phones will go on-sale in Australia on the Google Store (though we hear October 19th is a good date to keep clear), people are starting to look around at other options. If you want to check out Kogan’s deal, head over to their website and sign up to be notified when the phones are ready to order.

Source: Kogan.
Thanks: Irwin.
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    Bobby-dee Arriesgado Mariblanc

    Overprice. All I see is overprice. The 64GB model is sold at most $500 in the US and you it’s sold twice the price here in Australia. What gives??

    Phill Edwards

    What “other options” are people considering? I want to get excited about the Nexus 5X but I’m not sure. And other than an LG G4 I don’t know what I’d get instead.


    moto x style


    Is there any justification for charging $100 for each memory boost? I realise it’s fairly standard but it seems like the actual storage would be a fraction of the extra cost.

    Adam Purves

    Awesome news, I really hope the Kogan model support Band 28. If so, the 64GB Silver is a definite buy for me.

    Justin Flynn

    the 5x they sell doesn’t. I asked their support to tel me so definitely check the 6p


    I guess that’s expected, since the Asian region is the only region Google is selling the device outside of the Play Store. That, together with paying for postage (do we know how much?) means that it’s probably worth just purchasing from the Play Store (prices include postage).

    Justin Flynn

    i think Kogan really just get whatever stock they can at any time so if you want to wait, you might get lucky but yeah i’d say play store on the 22nd is the safest bet


    Reddit Android (/r/Android) blew up yesterday. There was a confession from an ex-Kogan employee (with a throwaway username ‘koganbogan’) as to why Kogan offers lower than official pricing. Go read the Reddit confession.


    Interesting read. It doesn’t surprise me in some ways. I’ve never had much respect for Kogan, especially due to the huge delays in shipping (which are partially explained in the reddit post). This almost makes me want to pay Google another $110 to get L700 on the N5X.


    Wow that was a great read.

    Yeah I’ve purchased from Kogan before, but always gone in with eyes wide open – you have to keep some healthy suspicion when dealing with businesses like that, kind of like you would an eBay store. You can save a lot of money, but buyer beware.

    Even putting up ‘sold out’ listings for the new Nexus phones is disingenuous as there’s no chance they’ve sourced stock yet, and who knows when they will.


    Interesting and as others said, not entirely surprising. Still, my S3 has served me well. I think mine was from Zimbabwe or something based on the original rom code. I’ve had CM on here for so long I’m no longer certain.


    Your website keeps getting blocked as a malicious website with my Norton app…

    John Bousattout

    Norton is malicious!

    Daniel Campos

    Yes they can be? But since yesterday it keeps blocking ausdroid. Even chrome blocked the website yesterday. Not sure what’s going on ?


    Chrome blocked it? That’s a first … don’t s’pose you caught the error message?

    Daniel Campos

    Sorry Chris I didn’t. Caught me by surprise, but not happened since so might have been an error. Norton still blocking however.

    Dan Rayner

    I really want one, but I think I will be waiting for the official release from Google. Recently saw that Kogan had some issue with imports where they were full of crapware and spyware. Combine that with possible lack of LTE bands, I’ll wait the extra week or two.


    According to the reddit op, Ausdroid saw op’s rant on twitter about these grey imports from Koran containing malware.

    Ausdroid was/is planning to do a write-up on it, but they won’t publish the article until they hear the side of story from Kogan and OnePlus respectively.

    Anthony Smith

    If a Nexus 6P imported from Kogan doesn’t support LTE in Australia properly, can’t it be returned under Australian warranty law as not fit for purpose?


    It will work on band 3 for all three carriers, as well as band 5 for Vodafone and band 40 for Optus. However, it likely won’t support band 28, which Telstra and Optus are rolling out now.


    The trouble is that Kogan’s site doesn’t list the supported LTE bands or a model number. In fact, I haven’t seen model numbers for any of the variants of the 5X or 6P. This pretty much means that we’ll have to order and hope for the best. Even then, we’ll have to wait for the different model numbers to circulate and compare them to the number on the box, since we have no way of checking which band a Nexus phone is connected to. I’ve decided to bite, despite the lack of L700. Thanks for mentioning Kogan’s notifier…I thought I… Read more »

    Justin Flynn

    orrrr just ask them

    Andrew Palozzo

    AWESOME!! This seems much cheaper than anywhere else. I just hope it’s the international model!