Leading up to the expected release of Tag Heuer’s Android Wear-powered smartwatch, called the TAG Heuer Carrera 01, on November 9, Tag Heuer have begun teasing the launch on social media overnight including linking to a newly launched website which shows a countdown clock and signup page for information relating to the launch of the watch.

It appears that Tag Heuer will be running with “Connected” as their underlying branding, as emblazoned on the site, though we will have to wait for the event to find out their strategy. From the image there is not much to tell beyond the single button, metal design and somewhat bezely (we hope you can rotate it) appearance. As far as internals go, all we really know for sure is that the Carrera 01 will be powered by an Intel chip and run Android Wear.

Lets be clear, this is most likely not your, or my, next Android Wear device. At an expected $1800 USD for the watch this is more of a luxury fashion piece than a consumer electronics device, and that’s ok. For those with $1800 to spend on an apparently “upgradable” smartwatch, I for one am glad that you might spend your dollars to help progress the smartwatch category and Android Wear platform.

tag countdown

Not every device is for every person, and I can certainly see that Google would want to extend the larger Android brand into the luxury space, and partnerships with luxury brands such as Tag Heuer could progress that agenda. Remember be together, not the same. The existence of luxury technologies based on Android is not a new concept – see Vertu phones – lets just hope that the Tag Heuer Connected lives up to both the fashion and technological promises it’s making. I for one wouldn’t give one back if it magically appeared on my wrist.

Where do you stand on the smartwatch category? Are you excited to see high-end watch makers entering this space? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Tag Heuer.
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Ahh, if I bought a Tag or Fossil watch, I’d have to consider buying the rest of my wardrobe from somewhere that doesn’t have a barcode self-checkout.

vijay alapati

Looks like LG G watch R, and i’m sure they will include the voice calling with this intro, else there will be no special


I could see myself spending that much on a smartwatch under the right conditions, not really my style of watch though


Still not completely sold on smartwatches, but I hope this looks aesthetically better than what’s out there on the market. Tag make really nice watches, hope this follows suit.