Google Play Music All Access subscribers are being offered a nice little bonus when purchasing selected content on Google Play at the moment. As thanks for being a Google Play Music subscriber, Google is taking 10% off the price of purchases from selected areas.

When you go to purchase an item from the Apps, Games, Music and Movie and TV Show categories, you’ll get a message saying ‘Thanks for being a Play Music Subscriber! Enjoy a 10% discount on us.’

The 10% discount is not a one-off, I was able to purchase an app and was then offered the same 10% discount the next time I purchased an app. This would seem to be the case for Apps, Games, Music, Movies and TV as well. The payment can be made using your normal payment method (Credit Card) or if you have enough balance, Google Play Credit.

It appears that Google Play Books and Newsstand – both individual issues and subscriptions – are unfortunately exempt from the 10% off discount.

There’s no information on how long this will last for, there’s no help section or link to check, nor is there a banner on Google Play advertising the offer. If you’re a Play Music subscriber we recommend you get in and take advantage of the offer while you can.

Thanks: Patrick.
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    Yeah I haven’t seen the 10% discount since they released Youtube Red. I’d rather the discount on movies


    Looks like this has finished. I haven’t had this as an option for about 3 weeks now 🙁