Nexus 6P - Optus
On the day of the Nexus 6P launch, we contacted all the Australian carriers about whether they would carry the Nexus 5X or the Nexus 6P, only Optus responded to our inquiries, advising they would be carrying the Nexus 6P, but had no further information on when the phone would arrive or how much the phone would be. We’ve just received a tip from a credible source which gives us the date on which you’ll be able to head into your local Optus store and pick up the large screened Nexus – that date? November 25th.

There’s unfortunately no pricing or plan information available at this stage, but we will receive more information on that as the launch date approaches. As to whether we’ll see the Nexus 6P or even the 5X on either Telstra or Vodafone, we’re pretty sure negotiations are still ongoing – so stay tuned.

Thanks: Anon.
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Nexus 6P Optus Pre-Order on 26 October.

Optus availability 2 November.

That’s according to the Optus internal intranet website (not accessible by the public).

This came from an Optus employee who forwarded the screen capture to an ex-optus employee.

Ex-Optus employee then posted the flyer on Reddit /r/nexus

under the title

“Nexus 6P in Australia will be available November 2nd through Optus”

Jacob Black

Nexus 5X & 6P can now be pre-ordered and Nexus 6, 7, 9 and more is available at

Sean Zemunik

I heard the 19th somewhere. Hoping thats correct

Brandon James D'souza

Second that, she did state more countries coming in the next few weeks, so next week hopefully

Sean Zemunik

its either going to come on a Sunday night eary hours or Wed Night. That has been the trend. Im using Store Stock Checker. Untick all the other stuff bar the phone you want. It will alert you the secong they hit the play store. I have done this every year. And every year had a nexus delivered within a week after they go live. Good luck. Let me know how you go.


When can we buy it direct from Google?


This is taking WAY too long to get here. Specially when the 810 is almost 5 months old.


Years ago I purchased a Galaxy Nexus for my wife on a plan with Telstra. Telstra DELAYED updates (delayed by months) from Google for the Nexus device going against the whole reason you buy one – to get timely updates. After many discussions online with other angry Telstra Galaxy Nexus owners we found out that Telstra had messed with the Samsung Roms. This meant that when Google did a release, it then went to Samsung and then went to Telstra for Testing. My wife’s updates were delayed by up to 6 MONTHS or more. There were huge complaints online about… Read more »

Daniel Tyson

Asked, no direct answer, Telstra has continued to test each software update for the Nexus 5 which was the last Nexus they carried.

Best you can do – and we recommended this – was to flash the stock factory image from Google onto your phone. The other issue is that Telstra appears to block updates to Nexus devices until their tests are complete, even If you didn’t purchase the phone from them – we’re trying to confirm what is happening with this now for Marshmallow. But still, that can be circumvented by pulling swapping in a SIM from another carrier.


I am on Telstra’s network but have a BYO plan and a phone purchased outside of Telstra – still waiting for Marshmallow on my Nexus 6 – I will pull the sim and see what happens with a WIFI connection. My friend has a Nexus 5 and he just got the update.I will try this tonight and see if the update appears as soon as I pull the SIM!

Daniel Tyson

Nexus 6 OTA update hasn’t started to rollout yet. It’s rumoured to be starting today based on support doco at US carrier Sprint.


I just checked and my friend just got OTA Marshmallow on his Nexus 5 a few minutes ago.


Does this sim card issue arise even when connected via wifi? It seems like the best thing to do is just sideload the OTA zip.

Daniel Tyson

Apparently it did – the SIM swap was an easy fix for many customers not savvy enough to understand ADB push etc. not every Nexus owner knows how or wants to sideload updates.


Does it need to be another sim card, or is rebooting with no sim card sufficient? It might explain why I previously had to wait for OTA updates to arrive.


I’m hoping Telstra get it, due for a new phone mid Nov


Might be interested. I swore I’d never buy on a plan again but I can’t shell out $1000…

Alex Gerontzos

I hope they get 64gb and not just 32gb. More or less will get it bit nice to know that they may get multiple storage options.

Hieu Nguyen

128gb would be nice too


I thought both phones would only be for sale via the Play Store in Australia. Has Google changed its mind?

Daniel Tyson

They’ve never said that. In the US it was said that initially the phones would only be available on the Google Store, but not in Australia.


That’s a lot faster than I was suspecting. Cool . now to wait for pricing, shouldn’t be too severe