samsung gear s2

Samsung’s next smartwatch, the Gear S2, goes on sale through Samsung Experience stores in Sydney and Melbourne today starting at $499.  Announced at IFA early last month, the Gear S2 will come in two variants, a sport model (with rubberised band) for $499, and the Gear S2 Classic, which allows for interchangeable standard bands.

Unlike most other smartwatches that we talk about at Ausdroid, the Gear S2 range runs Tizen, Samsung’s own answer to Android Wear and Apple’s Watch platforms. By doing so, Samsung is able to add further tweaks to the user interface, including the Gear S2’s feature rotating bezel.

At a superficial level, the watch works the same way as Android Wear; you get notifications and apps on your wrist, and it pairs via Bluetooth. However, from what I’ve read, the Gear S2 is probably closer to Apple Watch as a platform than it is to Android Wear. Not running Android Wear means you might get different app support, but the key features — notifications — are going to be there, app support or not.


Like other smartwatches, the Gear S2 includes health and fitness sensors, and it’s IP68 rated, so you can take it for a swim without doing damage. Most Android Wear devices are similarly rated, though there are some watches I’d be prepared to treat a little more roughly than others … just like normal watches!

Samsung claim a 3-day battery life for the Gear S2, which would be an impressive feat for a smartwatch, given most Android Wear smartwatches top out at two days, and many less.

The Gear S2 and Gear S2 classic will be available in a Dark Grey case with a Dark Grey band and a Silver case with a White band. The Gear S2 classic will be available in a Black case with a leather band.

Both devices are now able to order from the Samsung Experience Store and eStore, with a wider availability from November through major retailers and major mobile providers.

  • Samsung Gear S2 – RRP $499
  • Samsung Gear S2 classic – RRP $599
  • Watch bands range from RRP $59 to RRP $89

We’ve got a review unit on the way and we’ll let you know what we think in a little while.


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Stan Masters

Tim has a point. As cool as this watch is it is simply not worth 500- AUD. And definitely not an additional 100- AUD for the minor cosmetic change that is the “classic”.


Gotta love the EXTRA 10% Aussie tax we’re paying compared to the US market. ($299 converted ($414) + Gst = $455) … typical Samsung gouging.


Typical “australia tax” comment. Did you take into account local and state sales tax in the US ? Add another 9.2% on average for California and it can be higher then try again.


Given I travel to Delaware a lot on business which has NO sales tax my comment stands. So let’s grasp at straw shall we.


Let’s factor in your 9.2% California tax. Rounded to 10%. That would be $328 USD. Such is $456 AUD. You do raise we don’t pay US tax plus the Australian GST right … so the pre tax amount is $449 Aud, and in the US $299 usd (or $414) …. again an extra 10% profit gouge here in Australia.


The comment “Australia Tax” is used by small minded sheep who want to bitch all the time. We are not a large market and this is a dull conversation that we have over and over and over again. Also our $ is fluctuating a lot at the moment they also need to factor in that.
Grow up.


Sorry, it has to be said but “Grow Up” and “Small Mind Sheep”… the most childish of comments. And rather unprofessional.

He does have a point and had the calculations to back his statement. This is 10% more of a profit margin than the US. I would estimate a 30pc profit margin in general so an extra 10 pc here is a bit raw.


Unprofessional …. really…. it is a blog website… Not very childish at all and nothing to be professional. all of you moaning myrtles. moan moan moan never happy about anything. Get used to it and get over it.


Let’s continue this moaning with Westpac raising the home loan rates.


Why does a commentor on this site need to be professional? You’re not mistaking chris (with a little c) for me, are you? You’re assuming the 10% is pure profit, and it probably isn’t.


Not forgetting any import duties (separate from GST) which might apply to dutiable products imported into Australia for sale, which are typically around the 5% mark .. so yeah, that 10% evaporates rather quickly.

Gavin Bowd

$599… I think i’ll buy a G4 and strap it to my arm.. Dammit Samsung!


Its the weak Australian Dollar.