Lets be honest here, who doesn’t love those little Android vinyl figurines that Andrew Bell designs and sells via his Dead Zebra Inc website? Here at Ausdroid have quite a few in our collections personally and of course we are excited about the latest figurine which Andrew has added overnight to his website.

The latest figurine has been designed with Halloween in mind and it appropriately called Warty Witch! The new figure is part of the Android mini special and seems to incorporate a pumpkin like face and colouring, with a witches cloak and broomstick (reminds me of bed knobs and broomsticks a little).

The Warty Which isn’t currently available for sale, but will be by next Monday/Tuesday our time. Their is no pricing set, however looking at past special mini android figurines that have been released for sale on the website, it could possibly sell for about US$10-US$15 which depending on the currency at the time be about AUD$15 to AUD$22 plus delivery of course.

If you want to check out more about the latest addition to the Android mini special line up of Android figurines, Warty Witch, then you can click through to the link here.

Source: Dead Zebra Inc.
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