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HTC One A9
The upcoming HTC event on the 20th of October should be our first official look at the HTC One A9 ‘Aero’ but French carrier Orange appears to be keen to show it off beforehand, leaking some high-res images of the phone and a couple of specs on their website.

The Orange website lists a phone priced at €599.90 ($941 AUD) for a phone with a 5″ FullHD (1080P) display, 13MP rear camera and 4MP (presumably Ultra-Pixel) front facing camera and running Android Marshmallow, which as you can see from the images will have HTC’s Sense overlaid atop.

The HTC One A9 will be available in two colours – Steel Gray (sic) as you can see above, as well as in what we’re going to call Opal/Silver based on previous leaks.

HTC One A9 Opal-SIlver

HTC will be launching their next phone – which we’re almost 100% certain is this One A9 next Wednesday morning at 3am AEDT via an online streaming launch which you can tune in to at htc.com/launch/.

What do you think? Is this phone worth nearly $1,000AUD?

Source: Orange.frOrange.fr (2).
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From what I gather, the specs are definitely mid-range, so why are they charging so much for it?

I don’t get HTC’s strategy here. They’re not doing well financially, so they decide to make a mid-range phone and charge high-end price for it?

Call me crazy, but that doesn’t sound like a good strategy.

Despite that, I actually like the look and the design of the phone (aside from the fingerprint scanner).


EUR prices when converted to AUD will seem much higher than expected; part of it is because GST/VAT in Europe is much higher than Australia (20+% in many countries)


Seriously? Ditched the bottom front speaker for a ‘home button’ and the logo is still there?

Daniel Tyson

Most likely a fingerprint sensor, not a home button. Not going to argue about ditching the bottom front speaker.


I’m sure it is, but unless it also doubles up as a home button with capacitive buttons on the side (like the 1+2), it seems like a waste of real estate just for a fingerprint reader, especially since they ditched the speaker and kept the logo. Such bizarre priorities. Even Apple and Samsung don’t brand the front of their phones this hard.


That button/finger-print sensor is butt-ugly.

And why no front facing stereo speakers as a superior point of differentiation? There’s just no reason to opt for this phone. Sony’s Z5 Compact, as an example, kills it.

vijay alapati

final nail in the coffin