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The Google Cast/Chromecast space has certainly been heating up following the announcement of the Chromecast V2 and the new Chromecast Audio. However, a Chromecast requires you to have a spare device to use as the output. Another option to access Googles audio streaming goodness is standalone wireless speakers that incorporate the Googlecast standard such as LG’s Music Flow series. Harvey Norman has dropped the price on three of their Music Flow speakers until the 19th of October.

According to their site you can get the LG H3, H5 or H7 music flow speakers all at a significant discount. We previously reviewed LGs speaker offering and were impressed with them.

Lg H3 speaker
LG H3 Music Flow Wireless Speaker $98 ($249 RRP)

LG H5 Music Flow Wireless Speaker $148 ($399 RRP)

LG H7 Music Flow Wireless Speaker $198 ($549 RRP)

To sweeten the deal, the speakers are also coming with a 3-month free subscription to RDIO for those who want a little content to go along with their speakers. If you are interested LG also sell a Wireless Music Bridge for seamlessly connecting multiple speakers together – using an LG app.

If you want to get a set head on over to Harvey Norman and grab yourself a great deal before these great prices disappear or stocks run out

Source: Harvey Norman.

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Adrian G
Ausdroid Reader

Thanks for the notice. I just scored me one of these. $399 > $150 is a steal.


Does the Music Flow thing work with Google Play Music? Or would you just need to select the other speaker to cast to within GPM?

Edit: Was thinking of getting 2 H3s and 1 H7 with the bridge, but not sure about the usefulness of the bridge when all speakers would be in different rooms.

Daniel Tyson

Just cast it from Google Play Music.

Yeah, the bridge is more if you want a surround sound thing going on, but if you’re having a party or say cleaning your house and want it on while you walk all over it’s great.


Awesome, thanks. Just saved me $80 🙂

Of course you’ve also cost me $400 :-/


That’s a hell of a discount! New models coming out soon?

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