VLC Beta For Android

For anyone who regularly watches videos on their PC, Mac or mobile devices VLC would be a media player you’re at least familiar with if not regularly using. As expected with any app update, VLC have improved performance and fixed some bugs. For users, perhaps more importantly the look of the app has been improved to come more into line with Material Design standards. The Play Store shows the full list of what’s new for the latest VLC update.

  • VLC on Android 1.6 is a major update to VLC
  • We’ve worked a lot to improve the internal decoding speed and the interface speed, and at the same time, prepare for Android 6.0.
  • The number of permissions needed were reduced, especially for KitKat (4.4) and more recent.
  • We’ve accelerated the video playback speed, for 4K support.
  • The interface was cleaned and speed up, with more Material look.
  • And a few new features, like USB auto-detection, better audio/video sync or better chapters support.

If you’re not already using VLC for Android it is worth your time to check it out for your video playback needs, hit the Play Store link below

VLC for Android
VLC for Android
Developer: Videolabs
Price: Free

If you’re not using VLC, what video player to you use on your Android devices?

Source: Play Store.
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Great app but still waiting for h265 support on the app version. PC version has it and it is awesome.