All we need is a release date and pricing now, with Blackberry themselves releasing a video of the Android packing Blackberry Priv, titled ‘Introducing PRIV’ to their official YouTube channel.

Hot on the heels of the Carphone Warehouse pre-order page for the Blackberry Priv going live last night, the video from Blackberry cements the official launch of the phone as imminent. The video goes into about the same depth as the Carphone Warehouse video, though there’s no real voice over just a run through the messaging system and showing off that slide-out keyboard. Check it out:

The YouTube description simply points to the pre-order page that went live the other day, and no additional specs are given, though we know those from the Carphone Warehouse page.

At this point we just need the official dates, pricing and availability from Blackberry and this puppy is done.

Who wants a PRIV?

Source: Blackberry YouTube.
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    Wow blackberry can make a sexy looking phone


    Boy! That does look good. Finally an Android phone that has a bit of imaginative thought behind it and simply does not follow the others.


    supa keen 🙂


    +1. Hopefully it is priced reasonably.