LG Marshmallow

LG Electronics Australia have announced this morning that the Android 6.0 Marshmallow update will be here in Australia for LG G4 users from mid November. While users overseas can expect to receive their updates starting next week, Australia has to wait a little longer, and this is no doubt due (in part) to the various carrier approval processes that are required here.

We already know much of what will be coming in Android Marshmallow, but LG has highlighted three features that it thinks are important for the update:

  • Permissions Simplification: This will make it much easier for users to control what information individual apps can access on their phone. Before Android M, users could only grant apps permission on an ‘all or nothing’ basis on installation, but now users can choose at any time which features and data apps can access
  • Advanced Silent Feature: The user will have much more control over which sounds or vibrations the phone makes in different modes. For example, the ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode allows alarms to be on ‘loud’ whilst all other notifications are kept silent
  • Doze Mode: This feature gets more life out of your battery by cleverly ‘shutting down’ apps which are open but dormant, meaning the user won’t have to worry if they forget to ‘close all’ on the cascading app menu.

I think it’s fairly clear that LG will curry a lot of favour with its customers by potentially being the first to market with Android 6.0 updates for existing customers (except for Nexus handsets). On that, it’s likely that LG’s close collaboration with Google has lead to the update being released quickly, with LG’s Vice President of Marketing Communications Chris Yie saying:

“By working closely with Google, LG has been able to bring Android 6.0 to the LG G4 soon after the global launch of the new OS.While speed alone isn’t an indicator of great service, it does go a long way towards giving consumers the confidence that LG is committed to its existing customers first.”

LG have undertaken to give us further information closer to the available date, but from today, it looks like that wait could be around four weeks or even a touch less. Good news for LG G4 owners!

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Piers McCarney

Still no update on Optus.


Update received via LG Bridge last night ?
(Import H815)


Still waiting on mine, I’m an import H815 too. Which carrier are you with?


Optus, though, I wouldn’t have thought that would impact updates since the OS is not carrier modified.


I’m with Telstra and they’ve played silly buggers with Android updates before. I had a Nexus 5 that I bought direct from Google that got it’s KitKat update significantly later because of Telstra antics. It’ll get there eventually I guess. Cheers 🙂


Nothing as yet? Telstra LG G4 here

Sean Culley

December 28 2015.


Thanks Sean, hopefully will finally resolve the wifi issues.

Sean Culley

I haven’t noticed any issues with WiFi but I mostly use mine on 4GX being in the city most of the day and hardly using it during the evenings.
I suffer from terrible battery performance and hope this update makes a massive difference for me. I’ll be going back to Sony next year if it doesn’t.


Wifi randomly drops out still which was an issue from day 1. I’ve configured to pick up on 4G if data on wireless is not available, but that is annoying if downloading or streaming things. Learned to live with it now. I seem to be lucky with battery running Android wear, Owntracks, 3x exchange accounts, hour or so a day on the phone, rescuetime, and I can easily get to the end of a day with 30-40% spare. Only twitter for social media, no facebook so don’t know if that makes a difference.


I get the feeling outlook is one of the main culprits. Due to work email certificates it appears to be always fetching which I cannot change. The screen is the other even though I’m on 30% brightness all the time and struggle to see it on the train sometimes.


ah I see, I don’t have Outlook only native Exchange app. I couldn’t sort by priority in Outlook and it didn’t seem suitable for hundreds of emails a day that I receive. Might be different now but I adapted native app + our server to suit with transport rules to mark priority on certain emails so they float to the top each time.

Sean Culley

Do you happen to have something like BatteryGuru running? I found a few days ago when we started writing about this that mine was installed but didn’t seem to be running at all which is strange because it was working fine when I first got the phone. I got it working again on wednesday and have been testing it since. As of 1:30pm AEST today, I have 81% remaining after 8 hours off the charger. I can probably afford to turn the brightness up from 30% now so I can actually see the screen 🙂

Sean Culley

Rather disappointed that it hasn’t come through yet. You get the update yet?

Sean Culley

Found out why. LGG4AndroidMarshmallow 6Platform updateRetracted by vendorTBA LG Have retracted the test submission due to an issue they have identified in their testing. Dates now TBC. This is the Android 6.0 “Marshmallow” update. It will also incorporate fixes for “Stagefright” and other vulnerabilities as described in:CVE-2015-6616, CVE-2015-6617, CVE-2015-6620, CVE-2015-6621, CVE-2015-6622, CVE-2015-6623, CVE-2015-6624, CVE-2015-6626, CVE-2015-6631, CVE-2015-6632, CVE-2015-6627, CVE-2015-6628, CVE-2015-6625, CVE-2015-6630


Bugger, hopefully the changes are not too large that Telstra require their testing period also, might see it before Easter…


Just curious, what happens to those using grey imports?


Those with grey imports will receive the update when it’s released in the country of export. Most LG G4 imports are Taiwan or Hong Kong models and I suspect it will be released to these markets before Australia.

Jason C

Taiwan and Hong Kong (H815)’s Marshmallow was released together with Europe which was last month. But I’m yet to receive the update on Bridge. Wondering if they will be released together with Australia because of the IP address.

John Bousattout

Patiently waiting.


LG might be the first to release 6.0, but its track record hasn’t been great. The G3 also received the update to 5.0 super fast, but hasn’t had a single update (no 5.0.2 or 5.1) since. I imagine that the G3 won’t receive 6.0 for many months.


No news from Motorola yet about when they are rolling their updates? I was thinking it might have been before the end of the month or very early November at least for this years models but maybe they have found some bugs or are having issues?


I’m hanging out for some info on Moto too – I got a moto x play from Voda, and it is still susceptible to stagefright. Would have thought they’d be a bit quicker given how high profile the exploit has been.


With any luck LG’s keenness will hopefully inspire Samsung to life their game a little – can’t have their compatriots showing them up.