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Google loves a good beta. Many of their most popular and profitable products like Gmail began their life as Beta products and the Google Search app is now venturing into Beta territory and if you want to, you can try it out.

Users on reddit reported they had started seeing a Google Now card offering them the chance to participate in the Google Search Beta program. Like other Beta trials, the process is the same, you’ll have to sign up to the group – though curiously there doesn’t seem to be a Google+ group for this beta – and then download the Beta app from Google Play, but apparently the Beta is open to anyone who wants to sign up it.

If you want to join up to the beta, remember you can leave at any time, head over to this link and click on the ‘Become a Tester’ button, while you’re signed in on the account you normally use Google Search (or Google Now to see the cool stuff possibly). Once you’ve become a tester, you’ll then be able to download the Beta version of Google Search – be warned it may take a few hours for the Play Store to notice you’ve joined. As Google warns when you sign up though, this version could present with bugs.

It will be an interesting look behind the curtain when Google starts testing new features, if you like to live on the edge, test it out and see how you go.

Source: Google.
Via: reddit.
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    Do we know whats new?

    Daniel Tyson

    Not yet. I`m still waiting for Google Play to recognise me as a Beta Tester.


    I got an update after becoming a tester, but I can’t see anything new. Current version is


    I’ve now been updated to
    Has anyone else joined the beta?