Remember the Alldock?

I do, because I backed it on Kickstarter; I loved the concept (and the practicality) of only needing one wall plug to charge all my devices, in one place, without the mess of cables that seems to infest my desk all the time. Their new and improved version of the charging station has launched on Kickstarter and it’s looking good.

There’s some improved design in the aesthetics with a bit of a curve to the edges where your devices dock and there’s an even better (higher amperage) charger capable of charging 4 devices simultaneously in the medium size model; in an hour. Even devices such as the power guzzling iPad can be charged on all of the ports of the Alldock (2015).

Available now in Bamboo or Wallnut, also sporting a watch dock (designed for the iWatch but will support some Android Wear devices) it may be worth getting onboard for delivery in time for Christmas.

What charging solution do you have for your devices?

Source: Kickstarter.
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vijay alapati

Does it support quick charge?


It charges an iPhone 6 30% faster than a regular Apple charger


Kickstarter…. nope……


Our Kickstarter campaign is different from most other campaigns. The quality of the product you see in the video and our Kickstarter page is exactly what you’ll find in our actual product. We’re also guaranteeing to deliver rewards to the first 300 backers by Xmas. So, do check us out 🙂


Sorry, there are NO guarantees with kickstarter. I’m pretty sure you’ll fail and miss your xmas delivery timeframe. Time will tell!


This is exactly why our campaign is different from the rest 🙂 ALLDOCK 2015 is our second generation product and all the tooling and manufacturing processes have been sorted out. We’ve even sent a few dozen units to bloggers, including the author of this article, for review. Also, check out the review on CultOfMac. This is why, we are able to guarantee delivery to the first 300 backers before Christmas 🙂


Seems useless unless you have Apple devices as everyone else uses Micro USB and soon USB-C which this does not do.


It does do Micro USB. Charging USB-C will just be a new cable. Don’t worry I’m sure they’ll release an Alldock (2016) model with USB 3.