Google recently crossed a 100 million monthly active users on Photos, a big number for a service that was only really launched on its own in May this year, and to celebrate the milestone, they collated some fun facts and figures about the service – but it all starts off with a thank you video:

There’s some regular trends that Google has noticed, we love dogs more than any other animal (Take that kittens!), we take more pictures of food than other people but we take photos of cars more than anything else out there which clocked in at the #2 most photographed thing in Photos.

We do like to catalogue our big events like weddings and birthdays, and we also like to photograph our holidays, in fact Sky, Beaches and Mountains cracked the top 10 things photographed and of all things, Paris is the most photographed city, with New York and Barcelona following close behind – remember Google Photos can automatically tell when you snap a pic of the Eiffel Tower, the Empire State Building or La Sagrada Familia.

Google is all about search too remember and the most searched for subject on Photos? Babies!! But apparently we also like to look up pictures of ourselves as well, so there’s that.

Our favourite tool from Photos here at Ausdroid is the Assistant which creates those fun collages, animations and Google says that since launch, that Assistant has been busy, creating over 15 million of those animations and collages for our collections.

The unlimited space on Photos is obviously a big drawcard for people wanting to back up their mountains of photos and according to Google, Photos has helped free up to 3,720 terabytes worth of data storage on our phones – I’ll still need that 128GB Nexus 6P Google.

Photos is a great tool, it’s on the web, our phones and it’s easy to share photos or even whole collections with other people – but we REALLY want those shared photo albums as soon as you can get them to us Google. If you haven’t tried out Photos (Seriously: Why?) go grab the app from Google Play, or head over to to start.

Google Photos
Google Photos
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free
Source: Google Blog.
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How is it Google knows what is in people’s photos? Do people who use this have no privacy? That’s disturbing if that’s the case! I use as few of Google’s apps as I can, and this is one of them.

vijay alapati

Let me be honest, the only reason I’m using Google photos is its free . But this is one of the worst app, u can’t even have folders for the local photos on the drive like how the old gallery app works, any Nexus user will understand