Kogan v Telstra
This week’s news of Kogan’s re-entry into the market as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator has caused Telstra to give some clarification over the demise of the original Kogan Mobile service which ran on the Telstra network, using service supplied through Telstra 3G reseller ispOne. As you’d expect, Kogan responded, and we’re busting out the popcorn to see where the next round will go.

Kogan’s new mobile service is running on the Vodafone network, offering a 3G only service similar to their last effort. The original Kogan mobile ran on the Telstra 3G network using service supplied by reseller ispOne. When ispOne went into administration in 2013, Telstra were able to negotiate a new contract with Aldi Mobile (under the Medion brand), but claim they were unable to come to terms to continue the service for Kogan Mobile, which ultimately led to Telstra terminating the service for Kogan’s customers, or so the story goes from Telstra’s perspective:

We were prepared to enter into direct arrangements with both Kogan and Medion on commercial terms. Fortunately, we were able to enter into a direct supply arrangement with Medion so that ALDImobile could continue to offer services to its customers. However, we were unable to reach an agreement with Kogan.

Kogan has hit back today, issuing a statement today disputing the facts that Telstra has outlined on their blog. Kogan has said that contrary to what Telstra outlined, they were willing to negotiate, saying Telstra were unwilling to negotiate with Kogan to allow them to purchase supply of 3G services ‘on commercial terms (and even on the same terms that Telstra supplied many of its retail customers)’.

Kogan went on to say that ‘Telstra had every opportunity not to progress with disconnecting Kogan’s services’.

It’s a bit of “he said, she said” that any parent will recognise but ultimately, Kogan Mobile is back in business.

Kogan Mobile this time around is partnered with a top tier vendor in Vodafone, who are offering a solid 3G network in which they have heavily invested, to claw their way back from the ‘Vodafail’ days. There’s a pretty good deal to be had here with the data offerings from Kogan Mobile, but there’s also a brand perception problem that Kogan will have to work through, after the halting closure of the original Kogan Mobile service and the discontent that generated amongst its former users.

At this stage, we’re all awaiting the next steps with bated breath, but when it comes down to it, more competition in the market place is good for everyone, so let’s see what comes next.

Source: Telstra.
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You need to also track down what Ispone has said about Kogan. As it was them that disconnected Kogan in the first place. Telsra just wasn’t prepared to accept Kogan, considering they already owed Ispone $$$$$$$$$$$$$$.


ispONE took a gamble and it didn’t pay off. They sold, via Kogan, access to 5 or 6 GBs of data per month at prices they could only afford if their customers used significantly less than their full monthly allowance. When they began to realise they couldn’t pay Telstra for the data that was actually being used out of the money that was being collected from their customer base, they started to pull the plug on Kogan’s top tier of heavy users but this ended up being too little too late. I’m not sure where the idea of Kogan owing… Read more »


I’m not sure there’s any real gulf between what Telstra and Kogan are saying; they simply disagree over each other’s definition as to what constitutes “commercial terms” – which is quite understandable in the circumstances. I was on one of Kogan’s original plans and, although I had no particular problems with coverage and was happy with the plan, trying to get a response from anyone knowledgeable at Kogan Mobile regarding any issues was a nightmare. I’m with Boost now and have been pleased with their support, I’m happy with the plan I’m on and would be very reluctant to try… Read more »

Newcastle Guardian

Couldn’t agree more Prepagan. As is the norm with anything “Kogan”, the back up service and responses are abysmal.