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Nat and Lo are two Googlers using their 20% project time to create a series of videos about Google and what goes on behind the scenes. With Android front and centre at the moment, we’ve seen videos on Marshmallow and easter eggs, the creation of the Marshmallow Android statue and now we get to see a quick unboxing of the new Google Nexus phones before Nat & Lo take us on a tour of the Google office in New York.

The unboxing videos aren’t a patch on the previous Ninja unboxing we’ve seen in the past and they’re over disappointingly fast – don’t worry we’ll unbox the heck out of our review units which should be arriving shortly. The video is only available in max 1080P resolution – an unfortunate turn of events with the phones supporting 4K video recording. As expected the Google office in New York looks like loads of fun with well stocked café’s and relaxing rest areas, as well as all sorts of things to play with and forms of entertainment.

Check it out:

Source: Nat & Lo's 20% Project.