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LG-Music-Flow-2-488x700If you weren’t quick enough, or perhaps you remained a bit undecided, you might have missed out on picking up some of LG’s Music Flow range at Harvey Norman when they were on sale last week. Well, for those of you sitting on the sidelines, wait no longer.

JB Hi-Fi has got this brilliant range of speakers on sale at the moment, and while the prices aren’t quite as low as what Harvey Norman was offering, they remain nonetheless quite competitive. You can check out the full range on JB Hi-Fi’s page, but here’s a quick rundown of the prices:

Harvey Norman JB Hi-Fi
H3 Music Flow Wireless Speaker  $98  $99
H5 Music Flow Wireless Speaker $148  $158
H7 Music Flow Wireless Speaker  $198  $278
H4 Music Flow Wireless Speaker  Not discounted  $138

Of course, there’s a few other offerings in the LG Music Flow range that aren’t on special at the moment, but the pricing is still relevant – LG’s Music Flow Multi Room Bridge is on offer for $78, and the H6 SoundBar and Subwoofer package is $699.

If you’re looking for a way to get music around your place, LG’s Music Flow could be a good way to do it. With LG’s app, and Chromecast compatibility built in, there’s all sorts of ways to get your music from your phone or computer onto these speakers around your place.

Source: JB Hi-Fi.

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Chris Rowland

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I still think the Logitch Squeezbox and Media server is miles better, all my music is on a server and I can stream or play music and not be dependant on my phone being around. If I could get speakers like the boombox with chromecast support I would be happy


I would jump on these if there was any confirmation that Google Cast enabled speakers would get the same access to multiroom support as Chromecast Audio, but I can’t find confirmation or denial on this anywhere online. Anyone have any idea?


Harvey Norman did have the H4 on sale too. I picked one up for $124. Great thing for carrying around the house with you. Not sure what it’s like outside yet, not had chance to take it anywhere.

H7 is rather loud in the front room connected to the TV via the 3.5mm jack. Bass is a bit much by default, but using the Flow app and dropping it down it sounds great.

Ausdroid Reader

Would you prefer investing in a h3/h4 as your portable Google Cast enabled speaker option or get something smaller/lighter/cheaper and use Chromecast Audio with them?


I like the H4. It’s not super powerful but it’s more than loud enough for what I’ve needed. So much easier than needing to mess with plugs and wires too.

Zeit Geb3r
Ausdroid Reader

Google promised to add Multi-Room audio as an OTA software update to Chromecast Audio one day, so that any sub $20 stereo can become multi-room….one day….

Ausdroid Reader

Missed out on the deal and now regretting it 🙁

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