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Apple recently released iOS version 9.1 to iPhone users and amongst the plethora of updates and improvements for Apple users, was the addition of new emoji, 184 new emoji according to the Emojipedia blog. The downside for Android users is that at the moment you may not be able to see these new emoji as Apple users employ them on social media. But don’t worry, because brand new head of Android, ChromeOS and Chromecast, Hiroshi Lockheimer has heard your pleas and Google is working on it.

There’s been a bit of motion on this issue, including an issue that’s was lodged in the Android Open Source Project – Issue Tracker back in August. We encourage you to star, but please for the love of everything don’t comment (commenting sends a note to everyone who has starred the issue making for a lot of unnecessary noise).

Hiroshi, who seems infinitely more active on Twitter than on Google’s own social network sent out the following tweet, with followup this afternoon to let you know that Google is on the case:

The new emoji included in the Apple update is slightly less than the 250 announced by the Unicode consortium last year. The iOS update included a wide range of new emoji, including the ‘Man in Business Suit Levitating’, ‘Skull and Crossbones’ and of course, everyone’s favourite: a complete range of middle finger gestures in a variety of skin tones – an emoji that was given exclusively to Android WhatsApp users a few months back.
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The full list is over on Emojipedia with a look at the actual emoji but for convenience sake here you go:
[showhide type=”detailedspecs” more_text=”Show full list of 184 Emoji” less_text=”Hide Detailed Specs”] Slightly Smiling Face
Hugging Face
Thinking Face
Face With Rolling Eyes
Zipper-Mouth Face
Nerd Face
☹ White Frowning Face
Slightly Frowning Face
Upside-Down Face
Face With Thermometer
Face With Head-Bandage
Money-Mouth Face
Helmet With White Cross
Sleuth or Spy
Speaking Head in Silhouette
Man in Business Suit Levitating
Reversed Hand With Middle Finger Extended
Sign of the Horns
Raised Hand With Fingers Splayed
✍ Writing Hand
❣ Heavy Heart Exclamation Mark Ornament
Right Anger Bubble
Dark Sunglasses
Shopping Bags
Prayer Beads
☠ Skull and Crossbones
Robot Face
Lion Face
Unicorn Face
Dove of Peace
Spider Web
☘ Shamrock
Hot Pepper
Cheese Wedge
Hot Dog
Bottle With Popping Cork
Fork and Knife With Plate
World Map
Snow Capped Mountain
Beach With Umbrella
Desert Island
National Park
Classical Building
Building Construction
House Buildings
Derelict House Building
Place of Worship
Frame With Picture
Oil Drum
Railway Track
Passenger Ship
Motor Boat
Small Airplane
Airplane Departure
Airplane Arriving
Bellhop Bell
Sleeping Accommodation
Couch and Lamp
Timer Clock
Mantelpiece Clock
Thunder Cloud and Rain
White Sun With Small Cloud
White Sun Behind Cloud
White Sun Behind Cloud With Rain
Cloud With Rain
Cloud With Snow
Cloud With Lightning
Cloud With Tornado
Wind Blowing Face
☂ Umbrella
⛱ Umbrella on Ground
☃ Snowman
☄ Comet
Menorah With Nine Branches
Military Medal
Reminder Ribbon
Film Frames
Admission Tickets
Ice Skate
Person With Ball
Weight Lifter
Racing Car
Racing Motorcycle
Sports Medal
Cricket Bat and Ball
Field Hockey Stick and Ball
Ice Hockey Stick and Puck
Table Tennis Paddle and Ball
Badminton Racquet and Shuttlecock
Black Right-Pointing Double Triangle With Vertical Bar
Black Right-Pointing Triangle With Double Vertical Bar
Black Left-Pointing Double Triangle With Vertical Bar
Double Vertical Bar
Black Square for Stop
Black Circle for Record
Studio Microphone
Level Slider
Control Knobs
*⃣ Keycap Asterisk
Desktop Computer
⌨ Keyboard
Three Button Mouse
Film Projector
Camera With Flash
Rolled-Up Newspaper
Ballot Box With Ballot
Lower Left Fountain Pen
Lower Left Ballpoint Pen
Lower Left Paintbrush
Lower Left Crayon
Card Index Dividers
Spiral Note Pad
Spiral Calendar Pad
Linked Paperclips
Card File Box
File Cabinet
Old Key
⚒ Hammer and Pick
Hammer and Wrench
⚙ Gear
⚗ Alembic
⚖ Scales
Dagger Knife
⚔ Crossed Swords
Bow and Arrow
⚰ Coffin
⚱ Funeral Urn
Waving White Flag
Waving Black Flag
⚜ Fleur-De-Lis
⚛ Atom SymboOm Symbol
✡ Star of David
☸ Wheel of Dharma
☯ Yin Yang
✝ Latin Cross
☦ Orthodox Cross
⛩ Shinto Shrine
☪ Star and Crescent
☮ Peace Symbol
☢ Radioactive Sign
☣ Biohazard Sign
Eye in Speech Bubble
Left Speech Bubble

When we will see the update is unclear but shouldn’t hopefully be too far away, this is the sort of update that shouldn’t involve a full system wide release thanks to Play Services, but we’ll know more in due course, but keep an eye out for that middle finger emoji.

Source: @lockheimer.
Via: Emojipedia.

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