Nexus 5X - 6P
Nexus is coming. The launch is happening, we know that carriers will be opening pre-orders on Monday the 26th of October, but we don’t quite know about when the Google Store is going live with orders. What we do know is that JB Hifi will be offering both the LG built Nexus 5X and the Huawei made Nexus 6P for outright sale.

The phones are now in the JB Hifi internal system with pricing and colour options, but it seems there’s no stock listed as ‘on order’ at this stage. The Nexus 5X will be available in both storage options in Black only (sorry White and Ice fans) while the Nexus 6P will be offered in 64GB only in Silver (Aluminium). Prices are listed in the system, slightly undercutting the pricing we’ve seen on the Google Store:

Nexus 5X – Black Only

JB Hifi Google Store
16GB $639 $659
32GB $747 $739

Nexus 6P – Aluminium Only

JB Hifi Google Store
64GB $997 $999

As a major partner of Telstra, there was a hope that there would be Telstra SKU’s listed in their system however there’s bad news on that front – but it’s not the end of the story. Telstra is well known to be cagey on release details and with pre-orders due to open on Monday at Optus and Vodafone we could still see Nexus phones on Australia’s largest carrier.

We’re trying to track down more information about retail and Google Store availability as well as launch timing on the Nexus phones, but from the looks of things the next week or two could be Nexus filled.

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Mike Stevens

I wonder how much I can offload my Galaxy S6 for…

John Batman

This looks promising. I’m currently looking on ice nexus 5x but I’ll have to think about whether it justifies $20 plus…

VentraIP Australia

When the N6 came out I saw your tweet that local JB Stores had it in stock and I rushed out to my local JB (they had literally just received the stock and hadn’t even allocated it yet!). Unfortunately that did mean I could only get my hands on the 16GB model at the time. I’ll be waiting for a 32GB in Graphite though so hopefully preorders open on Google Store on Monday too!


16GB Nexus 6?

VentraIP Australia

Wow I had a spastic moment. Sorry. Bump those values up.

That means I purchased the 32GB Nexus 6 (and then ran out of space due to music caching and syncing as to not eat up Telstra data allocation) and then replaced it with a 64GB Nexus 6 from Google Store months later.

When the 6P is out I’m hoping they’ll have 64GB in stock because I really don’t want to repeat the same pattern 🙁


N6 started at 32


If we order on Google store can we still get $50 play credit?


$3 more from the Google Store to get the Graphite version, worth it 🙂

David Jacka

I totally can’t wait for the 6P. Had a Nexus 5 then an iPhone 6 plus when I’d had enough of the crap battery and now a 6S plus with a Apple watch but I just organised a return for both the watch and 6s plus so I can get one of these beauty’s. I’ve missed the fun of Android. Getting my F5 finger ready 🙂


Is your price correct for 6p 32gb on Google store?


They’ve removed it now, so guess it wasn’t correct.

It’ll probably be priced at what has been leaked: $899 for the 32gb model on Google Play.

Daniel Tyson

Sorry that was my mistake with copying a table. The 32GB 6P will be $899 on the Google Store in Graphite and Aluminium (The 32GB White Frost apparently doesn’t exist).


Those Nexus 6P prices can’t be right.

$747 from JB HI Fi and $739 from Google Play? What? So the Nexus 5X 32gb and the 6P 32gb are going to be the same price? Something really wrong here.

Thought it was going to be $899 for the 32gb 6P from Google Play?

Daniel Tyson

My mistake on the table. Sorry, it’s been fixed.


All good. You got me very very excited for a moment there!


The prices don’t make any sense, the article states there will only be 64gb silver 6p, but it clearly shows a 32gb variant for $747 and lists the Google store price as $739 even though we have confirmation that the price is $899

Daniel Tyson

My bad, error copying the table. Sorry, it’s been fixed.