Vodafone have confirmed publicly this afternoon that they, too, will be stocking the Huawei Nexus 6P, with pre-order opening on Monday 26 October, with a launch the following Tuesday on 3 November 2015.

Ausdroid reader Christopher Hey got in touch with Vodafone this afternoon on Twitter to try his luck, and lo and behold, Vodafone came out with the goods, confirming that they will be stocking the Huawei Nexus 6P 64GB variant in Silver. At this stage, there’s no word on other colour or size configurations.

Pricing hasn’t yet been publicly confirmed, but Vodafone will announce pricing Monday when pre-order goes live. Customers (or those willing to become customers) can pre-order online from Monday, though there will be an option to pre-order through a Vodafone store with the phone to be sent out by mail once stock arrives the following week.

We’re still chasing down what Telstra will be doing, after Optus leaked pre-order and pricing information earlier this week. Rumour has it they will stock the LG Nexus 5X, but we don’t have any confirmation or details yet.

Thanks: Christopher Hey.
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Richard J

64gig nexus 6p no longer available from vodafone, they’re only selling the 32gig now.


Question will be – will any of the Telcos who sell Nexus devices mess with Google’s Android code creating a custom ROM thus impacting timely future updates. (Telstra has done this in the past).

Can you please ask all the carriers who sell a Nexus device whether they guarantee they will not impede or delay Google’s timely Android updates. People who buy from a carrier need to know if they wont get the timely updates if they dont buy from a Nexus device from the Google Play store.


I bought the Nexus 6 out right at the start of the year through JB, I threw in amaysim sim card never rooted or unlocked bootloader just kept it stock and updates have come quick just got Marshmallow update start of this week


I bought Nexus 5 from Google on 1 November 2013.
I put on Telstra sim.

Google released Lollipop 4 Nov 2014.
Late Dec 2014 and my phone still didn’t have Lollipop.

As soon as I swapped to Lebara sim (uses Vodafone network), I got the Lollipop OTA.
It seemed that Telstra was blocking the OTA from Google.


Optus has plan on it only $60 per month but Google sells it for $899. And the price will go down to a half after a few months. Probably we can buy it in Vodafone outright for $700.

Phillip Molly Malone

I heard from someone at a big retailer that they have the Nexus devices in their system but not stock levels, etc yet.


Which retailer was this if you don’t mind?

Phillip Molly Malone

Rather not say as it was a mate in confidence. Just Be Home Incase Fones In. 😉


JB have both the 6P and the 5X on their system for outright sales – alongside the complete Z5 range and the two Gear S2 models


Do you have prices and dates?


It would be criminal if it’s available for order on Monday through telcos but not through the Play Store. It wouldn’t surprise me if Google kept us waiting until 3/11.


I fully agree. Still nice to see we might be getting our 6p’s on the 3rd.

John Batman