We’ve already reported that JB Hi-Fi will be selling both the new Nexus phones outright, including pricing, and it seems that JB Hi-Fi are getting ready for preorders to go live, perhaps as soon as tomorrow.

As you can see above, JB is readying product pages for the two devices, which are now live on the JB Hi-Fi website at the following links:

Pricing for the phones starts at $639 for the Nexus 5X 16GB and jumps to $747 for the 32GB variant, both in any colour so long as its black. The Nexus 6P will be available in Aluminium only with 64GB storage, for $997.

Hopefully come tomorrow we’ll have a lot more news on availability to report.

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Who handles the updates with the phones from JBHIFI, Ive herd that they sometimes sell telstra stock.

Dan Rayner

Well it’s now for sale on the paly store, but is it worth waiting for JB to go on sale and pickup, possibly late this week or wait until at least mid next week. Shipping leaves Nov 2nd


Does anyone know if Google store provides express shipping?

Dan Rayner

1-3 Day priority for $31, free is 3-5 days.


If I buy 2 x N6P 64GB ($999 each or $1998 total) from Google Store in one batch, will it attract import duty?

Will I be better off ordering them as separate, so that its below $1000 ?

Dan Rayner

I’ve always thought GST was included. it’s often cited as one of the reasons we pay more compared to the US. I would still think that GST is already included, but I can’t find any reference to it on the site.

Fernando De Leon

note 5 on sale at HN btw..cheaper than the nexus 6p .. ? question is ATM have iphone 6s plus and very happy with the speed..camera is great but miss android.. was looking for the nexus 6p but battery life and camera are big factors for me. Camera so far from what i heard is great..but how does it compare to the note 5? note 5 and 6s+ are almost equal in camera dimension.. i heard note 5 has very good battery life..as good as 6s+ which i can say is very very good (compare to my old G3) but… Read more »


I love the quality of apps on iOs but I love the customisation of Android. As such, I got myself a cheap (s3) for a second handset (no SIM and main handset is a 6s plus) so I can still enjoy Android customisations 🙂


Still no pre-order open? Either retailers, carriers and google store? What the hell google is doing?

Will Dutton

Yeah I’ve been realoading repeatedly, suprised no word from Ausdroid


The rumour is 2pm on the Play Store and this arvo (maybe the same time) for JB and Vodafone.


Where is the source of rumors?


Chris posted on Whirlpool.

Jonny Osorio

Pfff, Australians always getting ripped off, gonna get mine from kogan instead


i’m super keen to get one tomorrow, but at these prices, im going to wait a week and see what the moto x force will be like

David Anderton

Over $100 for 16gb of memory is a joke

Yvette Watkins

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Some JB outright phones have Telstra branding on them. Will this be the case for the Nexii as well, or will these be completely unlocked and unbranded?


When I bought my Nexus 6 from JB earlier this year it was unlocked and unbranded, but then again it wasn’t sold as a carrier phone at Telstra.


That’s good news. Thanks for that


What’s the advantage of buying 6P outright from JB, as opposed to Google Store? I had an excellent RMA experience from Google. Got a replacement N5 within 2 days from Google RMA process.

Nicholas Hubert

Shipping? convenience?


Google RMA shipping is free.

Not sure if JB would give me a replacement on the spot,

but I guess as Chris said, my grandma would have a much better peace of mind knowing it comes from a Bricks and Mortar store. Grandma can never be too sure if Google truly exists, because all they have is a virtual store.


Usually jb handles replacements and warranty in the first month, usually just give you a brand new one swapped over. After that you go through the manufacturer.

This could of course be entirely different for these products but its been the case with nearly everything ive had from jb in the past few years.


There’s probably no advantage in real terms, but some people just like the piece of mind that comes with a purchase from a store (even though, in real terms, Google’s RMA process might be BETTER than JB Hi-Fi’s).


I think tax invoice is another advantage.


OG Nexus 6 is $588 @JB HiFI


Are you kidding?



Phillip Molly Malone

You know that’s last years Nexus 6, right?


“OG Nexus 6”

pretty sure he does


Can confirm.
Saw it in JB physical store today.
It’s also on JB website.


Real question is, will Australia get the new Chromecasts by Xmas?

Also, no specific word here if these Nexii will have all Australian 4G bands in these retail versions (given the contempt Google have shown Australia, I’m betting not). Unless you are desperate to give the NSA your fingerprint data, the LG G4 still seems a better, cheaper, bet.


I thought there’s only 2 versions:

US and

John Batman

In my opinion the most prominent catch might be the new camera the Nexii provide. Otherwise spec-wise Nexii (or at least 5X) seem pretty identical to G4. Ahh yeah the less ROM. We’ll wait to see if stock Android makes larger ROM less necessary.


Hey Daniel, are you regretting getting your devices from the US now?


I doubt it. Dan regrets nothing 😉

Phillip Molly Malone

I don’t think he said it in Private but I have seen him write that if the Australian release comes before his US ships, he will cancel it


If warranty is not an issue I would also like to order one in US. I can save more than $100 to do so.