Huawei is giving you a chance to win a shopping voucher and a Huawei Watch at their new pop-up booth on the second floor of Westfield Sydney.

To enter, you need to create a “flat lay” image featuring the Huawei Watch and a number of fashionable accessories. The five most creative flat lay images will each win the shopping voucher and a Huawei Watch. The competition runs until November 15.

Not sure what a “flat lay” image is? It’s a selection of items that complement each other, laid flat and photographed from above. As smartphones have made the move to premium materials and constructions in the last couple of years, use of flat lay compositions has skyrocketed in marketing campaigns. It’s a chance to show just how well these devices can fit in with other haute couture clothing and accessories that may (or may not) be in your collection, and the Huawei Watch is an obvious choice for this treatment.

If you can’t make it to Westfield Sydney, you can create your own at, and be sure to check out the competition using the #WatchMyStyle hashtag on Instagram and on Facebook.

Be warned though, if you’re going to enter the competition you’ll need to beat my masterpiece:

Gauntlet thrown! Let’s see what you can do!

Source: Huawei Watch My Style.
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Challenge accepted.

Joshua Hill

Where’s the smartphone in that “flat lay” image. With the premium materials used in smartphones it would be the perfect compliment to those fashionable accessories :p

Not to mention they’re essential to make the smartwatch smart 😉


Them shoes!!! 😛