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Lebara Mobile today announced the launch of its new Lebara Plus service, an Android-exclusive offering that aims to give users extra data in exchange for viewing ads.

When users unlock their phones, about 1/3 of the time Lebara Plus will show them an ad that they can dismiss or interact with. For viewing the ads, Lebara Plus will add 2GB of data to users’ accounts each month, starting today. From November 9, the service will be able to add credit instead of data to accounts.

Research data from a 2013 study showed that we unlock our phones possibly more than 100 times a day, and we’re usually looking at our phones when we do it so it’s certainly a viable focus for advertisers.

Lebara says their customer base is majority (65%) Android-based and is pretty heavy on data usage, and they see many customers recharge during a given month to get additional data. Customers need to already be spending at least $20/month to be eligible to use the boost, and it’ll only apply once a month. Still, 2GB of data is typically worth about $20, so this is a bonus for Lebara customers that shouldn’t be sneezed at.

The system is powered by Australian-built technology developed by Unlockd, a Melbourne-based company backed by notable Australian entrepreneurs. Unlockd is launching with Lebara Plus today, but is hinting heavily that their system is US-bound, with a deal seemingly in place with a major national US carrier next year.


Would you exchange some ad views as you unlock your phone, for 2GB of data each month? Tell us in the comments!

Source: Lebara PlusAndroid App.
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    Pouya M.

    The ads are downright anmoying, they might show up 1/3 times you unlock the phone but the invisible full screen popup always happens, and you can do anything unless you press back.
    Besides it even shows ads on data connection so the extra 2GB will be used to power all these ads.
    Alas had it for half day and it became annoying, uninstalled!!


    what about iphone users? Im surprised they ignored App store!!


    what about iphone users? Im surprise they ignored App store!!


    what about iphone users? I’m surprise they ignored App store!!!


    I wonder if you can use AdBlock Plus to block the ads but enjoy the data, that would be funny!!

    vijay alapati

    caution – Libara uses VodaFail network


    TPG recently switched to it too.

    James Adina

    its still nowhere near the best but its improved a lot recently


    I suppose the Black Mirror future was inevitable.