Nexus 6P - Optus

If you’re after a Nexus 6P but are scared off by the phone’s $899 starting price, Optus might have a deal for you that can save you $125.

According to this OzBargain thread, while the deal isn’t advertised on the site, Optus live chat or phone sales can offer you a 32GB Nexus 6P for $774 on a month-to-month plan. That’s a purchase price of $744 with a $30 SIM added on top.

If you don’t want to stay on the Optus plan (although perhaps you should give it a go, since you’ll have purchased some service anyway), you can cancel the plan and walk away with your unlocked phone. There are no lock-in contracts.

Will you get a 32GB Nexus 6P at $774? Tell us in the comments!

Source: OzBargain.
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So a 32GB 6P for $5 more than the equivalent 6X. Hmmm…

James Bryant

64GB is the minimum for me these days…


Especially when 4K video capture
becomes more and more ubiquitous

and you got kids

and you want to capture every moment of their
lives so that they may live on the internet forever,
even when I, you, and they are long dead.

Russell Cook

Story over nothing? Isn’t that the price the Optus subsidiary Virgin have as the advertised price on their website?


Deal is its $140 dollars CHEAPER than the play store and JB etc……


Are these phones locked to the carrier??


“If you don’t want to stay on the Optus plan (although perhaps you should give it a go, since you’ll have purchased some service anyway), you can cancel the plan and walk away with your unlocked phone. There are no lock-in contracts.”

Russell Cook

Fair enough, I just meant it’s nothing out of the ordinary when the same price as Virgin – who are on Optus network and Optus own


virgin and optus are the same company…. so no shock that its the same price. Both are much cheaper than the others around the traps.

Alex Gerontzos

I will be going with the Nexus on Optus I have the month to month $50 with 8gb the phone costs $31 per month and can be paid out anytime with no cancellation fee of the contract. And I have Internet with Optus so $10 less for me!

Jamie S

Sounds good, so you just sign up for a 24 month contract for $80 a month?

Alex Gerontzos

For a dollar more stay on month to month and not be locked in for 2 years meaning I won’t get charged for a cancellation fee and I pay out whatever is owed on the phone and move onto the next phone

Jamie S


Shakeel Ali

Decided to bit the bullet and go ahead with the 6p 32GB Aluminium version with Virgin. They’re offering it a little cheaper with the outright price the same but on a $20 Sim only plan. Honestly for a saving of almost $150 the extra memory and colour difference arent important enough to justify the price Google is asking.


With a $50/8GB plan, not bad.

Sigh. I should have waited a day.


If you have home broadband with Optus they’ll take a further $10 off making it $40/8GB plan unlimited calls+sms and 300 minutes international calls, month to month no commitment. I was seriously considering it but I love my Boost (Telstra for tightarses) Mobile plan too much!!


where you get the $50/8GB plan? can’t find on their website.


Look for their Sim Only plans

David Jacka

I’m half thinking about it but I did get an order through for a 64GB on the play store. I think 32GB would be fin and it’s $250 less for half the storage but the customer support with Google is better. I really don’t know what to do!


Delivery on 2nd or leaves warehouse on that date?

David Jacka

I asked them a few times to make sure but they keep saying delivery on the 2nd. I’m not counting my eggs however

Michael Reville

Can do the same thing with Virgin for $764. Pretty good discount.


wont take long for them to close that loophole

Rod Clements

Looks like you aussies are getting a sweet deal for NEXUS pricing don’t see that happening in our place NZ


Yes I get the impression that us kiwis are getting ripped off again. $NZ1099 is a lot for a Nexus phone..


Speaking with a friend who works for Optus, you will be able to do the same (or similar) thing in store when the phone is available, likely November 2nd.


are any of these Telcos doing deals on the 64GB version? 32GB is pretty uninteresting to me


I haven’t had the pleasure of using my Nexus 5 for a few months now but when I think back, it was almost always full. So I’m not sure I want to go 32 GB on a Nexus 6P.

Ang Deng Seng

vodafone, only 64gb