Sony isn’t going anywhere. That’s what Sony Mobile wants to tell everyone who’s listen, despite the rumours going around that Sony may cut ties with the mobile industry in future.

Sony has publicly acknowledged that its mobile business is struggling. Sony CEO Kazuo Hirai recently noted that the company’s performance in the year ahead (2016) would drive Sony’s decision on what to do with the Sony Mobile business, calling it a “make or break” year. If numbers don’t improve, Hirai said, Sony may need to reconsider its mobile business going forward. It’s not uncharted territory; Sony has already reviewed and dispensed with some of its poor performing business units, including its computer business. While Sony is finding continued success in gaming and photography (particularly in its image sensors), the same isn’t true in all areas, and Sony Mobile is certainly not doing as well as it could.

The limited release of its Xperia Z4 phone to Japanese markets only might be a sign that Sony Mobile is being a little more cautious going forward, and perhaps not without reason; figures show that Sony Mobile device ownership in Japan is around the 17.5% mark, and its less than 1% in North America.

More recently, Sony Mobile’s CEO Hiroki Totoki has moved to quell rumours that these ‘alternative options’ might include winding up the Mobile business altogether, stating quite clearly that bowing out of the business is not one of the alternatives to be considered. Sony Mobile has big plans; they want to capture 30% of the market in Taiwan and they’re doing it aggressively, with market-specific products and tie-ins with local celebrities.

We, like many, hope that Sony Mobile can turn its fortunes and return to success, and there’s indication that the Xperia Z5 line could help with that, though with some initial hiccups, the signs aren’t all positive, but they’re mostly there.

Sony Mobile is expected to take a US $480m loss this year, which is an increase from the $320m predicted earlier this year in April.


Source: Focus Taiwan.
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Daniel Vancer

I like Sony handsets, I like their design. But they would have to be one of the worst companies for product launches, still using the old “launch but no idea on stock, pricing, or availability for months” way of doing things. They could have sold me an M5 the week after the launch but now they still won’t even say if/when stock will arrive. Why launch a product and then not have it available for your customers? I am not surprised they have abysmal sales especially in australia. All they do is drive people toward other manufacturers.


The interesting thing is many still do know Sony as a smartphone manufacturer.
They make all round phones that do everything well but do not market well enough for people to know.
If anything needs fixing it is that department to raise brand awareness very similar to why people say Ford struggle now due to a lack of awareness of their product.
Plus I read that Sony are opening their own smartphone factory so that could help with costs.


Probably a Nexus phone will save Sony mobile like LG few years ago.


A $480m loss this year? How does Sony loose so much money? Unsold handsets?

It’s a real shame that people overlook Sony handsets. A couple of friends asked me for advice, and I pointed them to the Z3. They came back with Samsungs. I don’t know why people ask for advice when they dismiss it.

“though with some initial hiccups, the signs aren’t all positive?”
What have been the hiccups?

vijay alapati

I had sony Xperia Z. when the screen was cracked it became in-responsive and was asked a bomb to fix get it fixed. Their customer service sucks

Max Luong

It would be very sad if Sony Mobility was gone. Their phones are very distinct from the other manufacturers. They bring a certain level of diversity to the Android ecosystem. They pioneered the waterproof phone, have a unique design language, and do great things supporting the AOSP community.

And, personally as a user of small phones, it would be a big loss for Android since they’re the only manufacturer that makes a sub-5″ flagship.

vijay alapati

Also i think sony is the only company that makes android as their only OS
HTC – makes few windows phones
Samsung – trying to push tizen
LG – owner of web OS now

vijay alapati

lol sony