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USB-C MicroSD Card reader on Kickstarter


Here we go folks…
It really shouldn’t surprise anyone that with a change in protocol comes a rush of accessories and the change from Micro USB to USB type C connectors on this years Nexus phones is just such a change. Think about how many charging cables you’ve got at home, work, in the car or your travel bag that will now be redundant. But charging cables aren’t the only accessories that people use regularly, I’ve got a Micro USB to Micro SD card reader which I won’t be able to use on my new phone when it arrives; but there’s already a Kickstarter project to cover the gap.

A simple idea much like their last – The Dash Micro, the reader plugs into your charging/data port on your device and allows you to utilise the attached storage card as local storage for your device. For anyone who has purchased a device only to discover they need more storage, or have a lot of data they carry daily but a phone with no storage card slot this is clearly going to be great news.

Is this a project you will get in on or do you have enough storage on your device?

Source: Kickstarter.

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Sounds like the kind of Kickstarter that takes twice as long as expected to deliver the product as expected, during which time equivalent devices appear in retail stores at half the price.


Thx Ausdroid.

Appreciate this muchley.

I just backed it.

With 4K video capture, I’m sure I’ll run out of storage quickly when on the road, even with 128GB, especially when taking kids to Dismaland.

I’m happy with their original Meenova Dash Micro.

vijay alapati
Valued Guest
vijay alapati

to be frank its been a while i used a USB or micro-sd at home or work.


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