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After launching earlier this year exclusively with Dick Smith Electronics (and Move stores) and at JB Hifi, the Asus Nexus Player has now expanded to Harvey Norman, with the electronics retailer now listing the Android TV console on their website.

The Asus Nexus Player is on offer for $129, the same price as it’s being offered for on the Google Store, as well as at JB Hifi and DSE. The missing piece of the puzzle, the Nexus Player Gamepad is unfortunately not being offered at Harvey Norman (or at JB or DSE) and remains on-sale only through the Google Store (and the Asus Australia store). The Nexus Player does come with a remote control and power cable in the box.

While retailers in the US are starting to clear out their stocks of the Nexus Player, with prices dropping as low as $25, the Nexus Player has retained its price here in Australia. It’s a decent unit, though does have a small amount of lag for gaming. For consumption of Google Play Movies/Music or Netflix it’s an amazing device and the voice search through the remote is quite excellent. You can read more in our review.

If you want to take a look at the Nexus Player, head in-store or over to the Harvey Norman website.

Source: Harvey Norman.
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Philip Clark

The Nexus Player has been pretty underwhelming for me as well. Voice search inexplicably stopped working about 6 months ago and even a factory reset doesn’t restore it. It often doesn’t respond to Chromecast and freezes and crashes randomly. And Google seems to have abandoned the platform already, there have been no significant Android TV feature additions or fixes in the past year. By far the worst Nexus device I’ve ever bought.

TheBagging Man

Pretty disappointed with the Nexus Player. Slow and laggy. Remote feels really cheap. Better off with a roku 3 from amazon which is about the same price delivered.

Daniel Tyson

ADT-1 is much better (But it was never released), by all accounts the Shield Console is awesome, but you will need to import it.


mine is great once I went to marshmallow. I use the amp remote and netflix or kodi and is really good now, lollipop was full of bugs and laggy.

TheBagging Man

I also found voice speech in YouTube did not work

Jason Khan

I got one from HN about 2 months ago


Hi Dan, do you know some news about when can we use Android pay in Australia? Cheers

Daniel Tyson

No official release info, but we’re hearing rumours, nothing solid yet though.


Guys its been at HN now for a few months………..

Daniel Tyson

I’ve been searching Nexus on HN for a while, this was the first time it’s shown up.


Should have wondered in store…. Picked mine up a few months ago. Can dig up the receipt if you like 😉

Daniel Tyson

You know there’s a tip button to share this info with us instead of keeping it to yourself.


Well didn’t know it wasn’t common knowledge, if I did then yes I would have!