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Asus - Onhub
Google has today announced the second in their line of OnHub routers, this time with Asus on board as the manufacturer. The new router will go on-sale in the US and Canada for US$219.99, a bump in price over the $199 TPLink manufactured original.

The Asus OnHub router has a new trick to justify the $20 price bump: Wave Control. Wave Control will let you bump the Wi-Fi speed for a specific device simply by waving your hand over the top. How that works, we’ll have to wait to get a look at the unit to find out.

The OnHub router is designed to be a good looking device that doesn’t look like a router, making it easier for you to place OnHub routers out in the open where WiFi routers work best.

The OnHub routers are designed to be upgradeable, and Google has announced that all their OnHub routers – including the TPLink model – will receive an OTA update shortly bringing a smart new antenna alogrithim to the devices. The update will allow the router to check and then select the best connection for a device at any time. The updates will download and install automatically, with no intervention required from OnHub owners.


Pre-orders for the Asus OnHub – which comes in stylish ‘Slate Grey’ are now live, with NewEgg listing the release date as the third of November. You can see a list of retailers and online sellers on the ‘Get your OnHub’ website. According to Google Australia, there’s no timeline for OnHub in Australia at the moment, so we’ll just have to hold tight and wait and see.

Source: Google BlogGet OnHub.
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John Batman

‘No timeline for OnHub to be released in Australia’