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It’s always good to see an Australian working at Google and Developer Advocate Wayne Piekarski has been talking Android for a while. Today Wayne has announced a collaboration with online training company Udacity that’s focusing on developing apps for Android Auto.

The course covers Media and Messaging apps, which seems to be the main focus of Android Auto for third party developers. The course starts at the very beginning, explaining how to get started in developing apps for Android Auto and then moves on into how to extend your current app to use Media and messaging on Android Auto.

Of course one of the big launch apps for Android Auto: Pocket Casts, was developed here in Australia by Adelaide based team Shifty Jelly. We got a demo of Pocket Casts and Android Auto at the Google Australia Nexus launch the other day, and I really need one of these head units in my life.

It appears to be a free course, so if you’re interested in learning more about how to build out your app to include support for Android Auto, head over to Udacity and check it out.

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