Prepare your wallets, folks – the maximum price for apps and in-app purchases just went up, with Google Play changing the rules governing how much developers can charge. For Australian residents this means that the maximum asking price has gone up from AU$200 to AU$550.

Before anyone hits the panic button and starts sending angry emails, it’s worth noting that in-app purchases (especially for games) usually push the boundaries of extending play time or speeding up the passage of time in games, but you don’t actually have to spend the money – it’s a choice you make.

Additionally, we’re unlikely to see an app costing AU$550 unless specifically developed for a business requirement (hopefully! -Ed) with a small but growing market of purpose-built apps for running businesses and retail activities already running at prices far above standard consumer app prices.

The large jump might also be down to the current weak Australian dollar, allowing developers to charge equivalent prices for their in-app purchases around the world.

Parents, be wary – it could only take a moment of inattention to rack up a serious bill with kids playing games on tablets. Make sure any purchases on your device require your password to avoid the heartache.

What is the highest-priced app or in-app purchase you’ve ever invested in? Tell us in the comments!

Source: Google Play Support.
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Darren Ferguson

I bought a pack of 5 books that ended up costing $34.99. It was cheaper than buying them all separately, even after I had already bought and read the first one.

Gray Fox

Most expensive app I have invested in is torque pro, while the app is not that expensive, the OBD-II device which I got off ebay to use with it put the price of investment to around $17 or so but worth it.
Pulled DTCs off my parents car using it, which would have cost $50 or so from a mechanic