Looks like developers aren’t waiting for Google to introduce the new emoji introduced by the Unicode Consortium at system level. WhatsApp implemented the new Emoji months ago for Android users and over night it appears that Telegram has introduced the new Emoji as well, along with some other improvements.

The update hasn’t been announced on their blog, but it has made it to the What’s New section of Google Play, which lists ‘New Animations and many visual improvements, as well as ‘Other improvements and bug fixes’ alongside the support for new emoji. The new emoji includes the Taco and Vulcan salute (Live long, and Prosper!) so you should find an emoji to your liking in there now.

Telegram V 3.2.5 is rolling out through Google Play, so if you’ve been wanting to flip your friends the bird – or more correctly: give them the ‘Reversed Hand With Middle Finger Extended’ emoji, then this ones for you.

Developer: Telegram FZ-LLC
Price: Free
Source: Telegram - Google Play.