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If you’re looking to get into Android TV, then it might be worth heading in to Harvey Norman where they currently have the Nexus Player on-sale for just $108.

The player isn’t the highest end of device, which we found in our review, meaning that gaming isn’t fantsastic, but it is fantastic for playing videos. I generally push something on Netflix or Google Play Movies and TV to play and have it on as background noise while I write. The gaming aspect is underwhelming, but it actually works pretty well for the most part, unless you try pushing higher end 3D games to it.

If you’re in the market, head into a Harvey Norman store near you, or if there isn’t one near, you can get one delivered in 2-3 days for as low as $5.95. Head over to the Harvey Norman website to check it out.

Source: Harvey Norman.
Thanks: Jamie.
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Just got one myself today but feel a little disappointed with the software that is available on it at least here in Australia. Was expecting to at least have all of the catch up services in Australia (maybe minus Nine) and hopefully all or most of the local streaming services. It would seem at the moment all we get is Netflix which is fine but a shame I will still have to use my phone to “chrome cast” to it for the other services. It is also strange that it would seem to only support 1 user account on it… Read more »


Bought 3 more because except the remote stop working it was an affordable success. Pity harvey Norman waisted half an hour of my time cause they stored it with the “computer accessories” instead of “media player” or something that would have made sense.