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Google’s YouTube Gaming service is off to a prominent start, with more than 144 billion minutes of gaming videos and live streams watched on YouTube. Today Google has announced another service for Google Play Games: allowing users to record their games – that is if you live in the US or UK.

Starting in the US and UK, users will be able to record their video streams from games with options to add video of yourself, as well as commentary through your device’s front facing camera and microphone. Once you’re done, you can do whatever edits you want and then upload it to YouTube. It looks like it’s pretty simple to do, just open up Google Play Games, select the game you want to play, then tap the record button.


The Google Play Games app will update over the coming days/weeks as per usual, but until Google flips that switch, you won’t be able to use it here in Australia. As far as international availability, Google simply said ‘available in more countries soon after’, so it’s a matter of stay tuned.

Source: Official Android.
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    not really sure why it’s country restricted. I doubt it’s because of copyright