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It looks like there’s a new Game Deal of the Week now showing with Feed Me Oil 2 from Chillingo listed on the Game category page. The App Deal of the Week is still Badoo Premium, so there’s a chance the Game and App Deal of the week could continue.

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Feed Me Oil 2 is a sequel, but if you haven’t played (or heard of) the original, it’s a puzzle game that sees you guiding streams of oil around various maze like levels to reach a final destination. The original was a lot of fun and from the trailer it appears to be a heap of fun as well. At just $0.20 it’s a pretty good deal, but be warned, there’s In-App Purchases listed on the Play Store entry valued between $1.29 – $6.49 per item.

If you’re in the mood for a cheap game, head over to the Google Play Games Deal of the Week and grab it while it lasts, as we saw the whole ‘Deal of the Week’ promotion could end any time.

Original Post:
It’s been a good run, but it looks like it’s over. Every Wednesday morning since it was introduced in July, Google Play has been offering up a 20c Game and App on the Play store, but this morning the Play Deal of the Week link for both the Apps and Games is empty.

We had a run of 13 ‘Deals of the Week’ that’s 24 titles in total across the run, with some decent apps on offer across the run which included:


We’ll keep checking back, but the experiment seems to be over. Did you grab all the App and Game Deals of the Week?

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    There is a new Game Deal of the Week, Chillingo’s Feed Me Oil 2 for the usual deal price. No sign of a new App Deal of the Week, though – but the old one is still being advertised for me. Nothing is empty, there’s just no new App Deal.


    Alas, Monopoly is no longer just $0.10. Just checked. It is now $2.99.

    Bambang Lukito

    There’s a new deal in games now