Samsung 2

Samsung’s 2015 range of handsets brought with them a boon for those not enamoured with the look of Samsung’s somewhat cartoony, Squircle rich Touchwiz interface. The inclusion of a theming engine to replace the interface also included a store to download custom themes from interested users. The Theme store also offered paid options, though restricted to select regions, those regions are apparently expanding today.

The guys over at SamMobile spotted a post by themer Samer Zayers on the Samsung Galaxy Themes community on Google+ stating that the paid themes are set to expand into 9 countries including Australia. The other countries included in the rollout are UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Swiss, Thailand, and Hong Kong. There’s no sign of the paid themes at this stage, but could show up any time.

There’s many ways to change the look of your device without resorting to custom themes, simply changing the launcher goes a long way to achieving the same end. The themes on Samsung devices do offer a somewhat more comprehensive option and Zayers stock Android themes have proven to be quite popular. Theming is also quite popular in Asian markets, so perhaps it could gain traction around the world, that is, if they are done ‘right’. Whether this works or not is a matter of wait and see.

Have you paid for themes on your mobile device?

Source: Samsung Galaxy Themes community.
Via: SamMobile.