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The days of staged rollouts, waiting for a new version of an app to be made available could be over. Google has updated their support doco for a timed publishing option which allows developers to push an update to their app to all users at one time.

The ‘Go Live’ button will be available after all the usual back-end processing has been completed on an app update. Notably, this is only for updates to apps – NOT new apps. The ‘Go Live’ will basically allow updates to be available to all users within minutes of developers hitting the button.

The update is mostly for developers, although a number of developers would like to see a Scheduled Launch button, where they can schedule an update to be made live at a certain time, but this is a first step.

Source: Google Support.
Via: Android Central.
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    will google use it though? They’re the ones who is famous of stage updates!

    Dennis Bareis

    And any developer that uses it for any non-trivial change is an idiot.