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If you’ve ordered a new Nexus 5X or 6P from the Google Store, it’s time to keep your eyes on your credit card. A number of users (including me) are reporting that they have seen un-cleared funds disappearing from credit cards over the last 24 hours.

A quick phone call to the bank confirmed that the funds (as though there was any doubt when the amount matches perfectly) are indeed reserved for payment to Play Store – Google Play (which is the merchant name for the Google Store).

This is great news for anyone who was quick enough to get in on the first allocation of devices on the Google Store; delivery times may vary but keep your eyes on your credit card statement as it is a good indicator that your new toy will be on its way to you very soon.

If you’ve got a Nexus on order, has your payment gone through yet?

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I’m still waiting for my payment to go through. It hasn’t moved since I placed my order. Take my money Google!


But no one has gotten a notification that it’s shipped, right? I guess we won’t be seeing any arrive on Monday 🙁

Phill Edwards

Nothing on my statement. Damn! They’d better hurry up before something better comes along – like OnePlus X or Droid 2.

Fernando De Leon

Is this same as pending authorisation?
Mine had said that ever since I ordered


Yeah, mine has been pending since the time of purchase. I wonder if that means Google will ship before Monday. It did say “by”, not “on”. 😉


Should have paid extra for faster delivery 😛


How much faster is faster delivery compared to normal? From what I saw it was only a couple of days faster, for me it’s not worth the extra $17 bucks. The faster delivery should be standard & free anyway as we’re already paying so much for the device. 🙂

Ayden Staff

They took my money the day after I purchased it (the 27th).No early delivery though. Still doesn’t ship until the 2nd.

Daniel Tyson

Took the money or pre-authorised? I’m pretty sure Phil is seeing an authorisation being converted to an actual charge today.

John Batman

Mine is still pending atm.