While the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P weren’t meant to be available in stores until sometime next week (3 November, to be precise), it appears that our predictions were right; JB Hi-Fi stores have been receiving stock this week, and some of them are even prepared to sell what stock they have now, despite it being a few days early.

Ausdroid reader Daniel Adams told us that he visited his local JB Hi-Fi store in Cranbourne (VIC), and while the front-end stock system reported that the Nexus 6P was still on-order, a keen salesman checked out the back and found that the Nexus 6P had in fact arrived. Better yet, this salesman was keen to make the deal, and sold Daniel the phone yesterday (Thursday 29 October), almost a week before the phones were meant to go on sale.

Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 12.13.41 PM

If you’ve been waiting for next week to go get yourself a Nexus, it’s time to check your local JB Hi-Fi or Harvey Norman store and see whether they’ve got stock that they’d be prepared to sell you today. The golden rule of retail has always been if you’ve got stock, try to sell it, so there’s a good chance you’ll find yourself an early Nexus by shopping around.

Let us know how you get on!

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on another note, Optus update status shows Pre-Order is on the road, looks like a Monday delivery!


Got the same from Vodafone.


How is it that people ordering from the telcos are receiving their handsets before Google Play customers haven’t had theirs despatched? Seems a little backwards.

Alex Di Blasio

Called Sydney Westfield store and they said they didn’t have stock!


*sigh* They’re just so expensive this year. I’m more than happy to pay a high price for a new phone but it’s hard to justify when my N5 2013 still works so well.


Dude in the Bourke Street store checked out the back for me. He said there was a big sign covering them saying embargoed.


I just rang Cranbourne and the guy said he let the 6P go before he received the memo. He didn’t even know about the 5X though.


Got told an hour ago, not till Tuesday




I could be a source. Embargo finishes 8am Monday. Most stores seem to have 3 each


I have a sneaking suspicion that this story was the reason for that email from head office… 😉


I thought he meant that Google Play orders won’t be despatched until Tuesday.


Just as Google begins charging credit cards. You’d want to make sure that you can still cancel any order through the Play Store. JB is only selling the 32GB version of the N5X, isn’t it?


A memo went out telling them not to sell till next week, not all have gotten it so you can get lucky…

Jamie S

Yep, called JB Hobart store and have one on hold for $994 64GB model. Only a couple in stock apparently.