A few waves were made earlier this month when Google announced that Spotify was finally coming to Chromecast, and the company is now taking to Twitter to make up with those who griped about the feature’s absence over the past couple of years.

The audio straming service was inundated with requests to embrace Google’s tiny streaming media device for years, but marked the request as “under consideration” until earlier this year made official decision to focus on its proprietary Spotify Connect system.

That was the last we’d heard of Spotify and Chromecast courting each other, until this months news that those two crazy kids were finally getting together.

Riding the subsequent wave of goodwill, the company is now getting in touch with users who’ve tweeted at them publicly and putting their names up in lights. In a way, it’s like a digital version of Game of Thrones’ Walk of Shame as the company recalls and answers some – occasionally – harsh criticism.

If you made a negative remark about Spotify’s lack of Chromecast support, maybe you’ll see your name up in lights soon.

Disclaimer: Spotify approached me asking for permission to use my tweet, but didn’t specify the actual tweet, nor the way in which it would be used.

Does Spotify’s embrace of Google Cast affect your choice of streaming music service? Tell us in the comments!

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4 years ago

Two years too late, Spotify. After putting up with their crappy software that gradually got features added, lack of chromecast support finished it for me. Been using google music on the nexus player since.

Phill Edwards
Phill Edwards
4 years ago

I’ll stick with Google Music thanks.

4 years ago

2 years ago, when I had a phone with a small amount of storage, it would have been yes. Now, no, I can fit all my music on my phone (and Spotify is no longer the only decent streaming music service).