Nexus 6P
If last nights video of the Nexus 6P stress test got you thinking, think again. The tests that the YouTuber put the Nexus 6P were quite harsh, nowhere near an average life and ultimately, at the very least weakened the phone unfairly. The screen was cracked, then heated, so yes, the phone was not in the best condition before being bent.

Another video is now doing the rounds which shows a reviewer giving a completely untarnished device ‘the business’ and well, it doesn’t bend.

I might add that the review unit I have here doesn’t even flex when applying what I deem more than enough force to bend a phone, so there’s that too.

If you’re definitely in the market for a Nexus 6P, then you might want to call, or head into your local Harvey Norman store this weekend because it seems that some of them have stock and you could be holding one sooner rather than later.

Source: Review Center India.
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Thanks for the replies. I think I’ll wait. I seem to be shifting friends over to Nexus phones because the stock android is so good and their sick of apple and its walled garden. I have 3 friends, previously iphone users rocking nexus phones. 2 have a moto 6 and one has a Nexus 5. They love it! I


I have a moto nexus 6. Is it worth the upgrade? So far the camera looks a little clearer but not mind blowing SLR quality. The construction in thinner and easier to hold. The battery life from the several reviews seems to indicate 4-4.5 hours of SOT time in general usage. I’ve been hitting that a fair bit on my moto nexus 6 by tweaking a few things (I’m on stock Marshmallow). I think part of the mind blowing factor with the 6p is Marshmallow. It’s lollipop with the bugs sorted out. It’s definitely made my moto nexus 6 a… Read more »

John Batman

In terms of specification there is NOT any ground breaking difference between these two to serve as a deal breaker, let aside the screen size on 6P is even smaller. Fingerprint reader and the new camera are both pretty interesting but it leaves to yourself to decide whether it is worthwhile to stick to the trend.

In my case what I’ve got on hand is a screen-shattered 5. Therefore I’m not hesitant at all to hit for the new 5X but if I’m in your shoes I’ll definitely wait another 12 months for the next release.


If you have money to burn, SURE……

N6 to N6P isn’t a massive update in all areas. So you can save your money and wait for next years flagship Nexus device if you really want to