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Nexus 6P
If you’ve pre-ordered your Nexus 6P, it’s time to check your order status on the Optus website. According to a couple of tips, we’re being advised that some customers are seeing that their handset is already with the couriers and winging their way towards you.

The phone is supposed to go on-sale at carriers and retail on November 3rd, but from the looks of things, they shipped yesterday and could possibly be on trucks for delivery on Monday, depending on where you live of course.

Optus of course has the 32GB Aluminium version of the Nexus 6P on a range of plans starting from $5/month on $60/month plan. There’s also a way to purchase the phone outright for as low as $774 if you talk to Live Chat or Phone Sales.

If you ordered a Nexus 6P, chances are you could be having a very ‘Nexusy’ Monday.

Thanks: BuzzDrJacka.
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Adam Moore

I only received a sim card and no phone. Contacted Optus and the 6p is backordered 🙁

They said I will recieve mine on or before Friday. It’s a bit annoying that as someone who pre ordered the phone it has gone onto backorder. But if I went into an Optus store today I would be able to pick one up. Kind of defeats the purpose doesn’t it Optus?

Nick Fein

Yeah I’m in the exact same boat mate. I pre-ordered mine last Thursday. Still “waiting to arrive at warehouse”. Contacted Optus via live chat yesterday and they said they “had my order and would be shipping in the next 24 hours”, 24hrs has passed now and still nothing. At least we get the $5 off per month, but frustrating that could walk into the stores and get one today.

Adam Trigg

same with me, i got messed around with startrack and post office, coz ysterday optus via live chat said they sent it and it was at the post office… post office said nuh uh…. called optus today and they said i should expect a phone call tomorrow [but not the phone till maybe next week] they have another delivery incoming, the guy was very good on the phone though, kudos for that



David Jacka

Got mine from Optus delivered today! Wooo!

Jason Lasya

Anyone heard anything about the Telstra pre order? mine seems to be stuck between this universe and the next….have an order ref number but its not in their system!

Ang Deng Seng

I talked to a virgin rep on live chat and they said we could purchase a phone without a plan at all, like just 744 outright without first month of 20 dollars plan minimum


Got mine this morning a little after 9am. Pretty pleased with it so far.


waiting for item to arrive at our warehouse” since 31/10..I pre -ordered on 29

No more nexcuses!

Mine’s been frozen at “waiting for item to arrive at our warehouse” since 30/10 (Fri), I pre-ordered it on thrs too. If the phones in my hand by the end of this week, not too bad.


6P just arrived from Vodafone


I got a message saying its coming today, which is good because my phone IS DEAD. neeeeeeeeed the phooooone. Just any phone T_T

Adam Trigg

🙁 mine’s still sitting on the ‘next stop our warehouse’ part, i ordered on the 29th, prolly wont see it this week 🙁 …
Stupid public holiday tomorrow holding it up a bit longer!

Never Trendy

I’m expecting my 6P from Vodafone on Monday as well. Shipped Friday with Auspost Express.


Better company anyway!


A very nexus Monday… Unless you ordered direct from Google