So I’ve been spending a bit of time (and money) on Kickstarter lately just checking out the new toys available that usually land when new phones appear on the market. The latest one I’ve found that caught my eye is the Air Button, an NFC based launcher for your Android phone. Designed to allow you to quickly and easily access functions that you use regularly from calls to a favoured contact to opening your calendar or the Ausdroid App.

Some of the Air Button features include:

  • Tactile & Customizable NFC button, stick-on button for your Android phone
  • Customize the function what you want to control with a single press of the button
  • Tailor your own actions and workflow to create endless possibility on your shortcuts
  • No batteries required, drawing small amount of power from your phone’s NFC antenna
  • Native Android App available on Google Play store
  • Over 30+ functions you can customize to each button

The Air Button Kickstarter campaign has a lot of detail on the way they picture the device being used and outlines the various rewards you can jump on. It’s not going to break the bank with rewards starting at US$15 through to US$90 for those of you who want to buy a handful of them to share with your friends and family.

The feature is of course similar to another Kickstarter project that went live, and was funded, over a year ago called Dimple, which has actually added more options in terms of button combinations. Air Button looks to be about the same, but hey, we all have good ideas and maybe these guys can come up with something extra with Air Button.

Kickstarter is a quick way to spend a lot of money on things you’ll never use, but its also a goldmine for great ideas that may become one of the most used products in your electronic life. Take the time to check out the Air Button and while you’re there, adventure through the other projects and see if anything captures your attention.

What Kickstarter goodies have you backed that you’re still using regularly?

Source: Kickstarter.
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This combined with my OnePlus Two would be absolutely amazing!


Dimple is readily available and you can get it now instead of waiting the usual kickstarter length of time….you know what I mean.

Android Explained

Dimple was good, and the idea of having NFC buttons on a phone is interesting. . .but they’re limited to what the application can do.

For instance, I couldn’t just turn on the LED flash for a flashlight with the Dimple button. . .but it could launch an application that turned on the flash. Those little annoyances are what made me remove them from my phone

Avon Perera

That’s actually a really clever use of NFC to add hardware functionality