Telstra Nexus 9
Even as it celebrates it’s first birthday, the HTC built Nexus 9 is still a pretty decent tablet for web surfing, consuming your favourite videos or reading the news. At $479 from the Google Store it’s a bit steep, but at $299 it’s a pretty decent deal.

The tablet comes with an 8.9″ IPS LCD display and is powered by the 64-bit version of Nvidia’s Tegra K1 processor. With 16GB storage it’s a bit limited, but it’s still a good deal at $299 if you add in a USB-OTG flash drive to watch some movies on or you’re able to stream video from Netflix.

Google is of course still updating the Nexus 9 with Marshmallow already having been made available for the tablet and it should receive all the monthly security updates as Google releases them.

Telstra is offering free delivery on the tablet to sweeten the deal, if you’re in the market for a new tablet head over to the Telstra website and place your order.

Source: Telstra.
Thanks: Everyone who sent this in.
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    Piers Porter

    Looks like it’s no longer listed on Telstra’s website. I wonder if another batch will be available at this price?

    Alistair Luckman

    Picked one up today. I can deal with limited internal storage for that price.


    Just ordered one last Sunday and it will be arriving today!
    Getting excited and it is a very good deal.


    Shame it’s not the 32GB version, otherwise I would look at upgrading my 32GB Nexus 7 2013… A 16GB drop in storage space wouldn’t work for me…


    No stock in Sydney CBD so save yourself a trip…BTW, the Telstra flagstore opposite Apple on George Street has to have the WORST customer service of any telco. Bunch of unsupervised kids running around with iPads and earpieces pretending to do work whilst the rest hide at the back in case they have to serve a customer. I was told I would have to wait for 1/2 hour to get a salesperson to tell me if they had stock! NEVER go there. The other Telstra dealers in the CBD are infinitely better!

    vijay alapati

    its free delivery from online, why going to store. I ordered one last night. wish it was a Amoled screen.


    I think my brother got his from a Telstra store from about that much a few months ago and they threw in a magnetic case stand. The did only have 2 left in stock and were trying to get rid of them but it may be worth going in store to buy one if you do not want to wait for delivery.