Kodak Alaris have announced their new Kodak Moments app, which allows users to take, edit and print photos anywhere, anytime, and have the order shipped direct to the customer. The app itself is a free download from the Play Store, and while it can be a little slow to navigate through (presumably it does a fair bit of talking to Kodak’s servers behind the scenes) it’s quite workable.

It might not be the most powerful photo editor on the mobile, but you can crop and apply filters easily enough, but for more detailed editing you’re probably going to be better off with something like Snapseed.

Anyhow, the hook really is the print-to-home feature, which allows you to order 6×4″ prints for just 15 cents each, using photos from your phone, Instagram, Flickr, and Dropbox. It looks as if the shipping charge is $2.95 regardless of the size of your order, so if you’re ordering a few photos, it becomes better value.

If you’re in a bit more of a hurry, you can use the app to select and prepare photos to print at an Internet-enabled Kodak kiosk, which still seem to be in a few places around — Kodak’s website has a kiosk locator so you can find the best place to print your photos, and that way you save the $2.95 shipping and handling fee.

Overall the app seems easy enough to use, and if you’re still sharing printed photos with others, or wanting to save the really precious memories in photo albums, this could be a good, easy way to do it.