Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P
It’s been a week since the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P went live in Australia on the Google Store at least. Many a happy Nexus fan has been able to procure a Nexus from Harvey Norman over the weekend, and some Optus orders should be arriving today. If you’re still waiting then tomorrow the floodgates open and both JB Hifi and Harvey Norman, as well as Vodafone, Telstra and Optus should be selling the phones freely. So, what we want to know is Which Nexus phone did you buy this year?

Let us know in the comments if you purchased from a retailer, carrier or if you purchased from the Google Store and which colour you went for – and for bonus points if you’ve ordered a case and which one. If you didn’t buy a Nexus phone this year, let us know which phone you did buy or which one you’re hanging out for.

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Justin Flynn

6p is a phenomenal phone, period. But definitely needs a case


I got mine Monday afternoon from Vodafone. Came with a free bundle offer Talkband B2 Watch/Bluetooth earpiece, Huawei clear case and Huawei Earphones not a bad deal. Amazing phone great screen great battery lightning fast fingerprint scanner and a very good front and back camera. Who ever is still thinking about which to get id recommend 6P only too good to pass up. Good luck guys.

Nathan Ciachi

Pre-Ordered my 32GB Aluminium Nexus 6P from virgin last Monday and my phone STILL hasn’t shipped a day and a half after shipments were supposed to start 🙁 look like I’m going to have to wait a couple of days :/

Erland Howden

I bought the Nexus 5X (carbon) at Carphone Warehouse in the UK (returning to Aus in Feb). They appear to be selling the same model (ie LTE bands) as Australia. Was stuck for 2 days without a way to charge it but now sorted.


I bought a Nexus 5x from the UK but got one with a yellow tinted screen. Couldn’t get used to it so returned it.
Got the nexus 6p from Virgin today and much happier.



Brad Hook

I got the 6P from Optus for free on the $60 plan and it showed up at lunch time today. Beautiful device, very nice to hold and fingerprint scanner is in prime position. Cheering.

Sold my Note 4 for a tiny bit more than what my cancellation fee for my 12 month old Virgin plan was worth, so I’m already ahead there – but I’m also saving $12 a month (while getting more inclusion) changing to Optus so that puts me another $144 ahead.

Getting paid to upgrade phones early. Couldn’t be happier.


Got my 6P today from Optus. (also got my Kidigi Dock from Ausdroid Store)

Evan Munro-Smith

Nexus 6P 64GB Frost from the Google Play Store + Quartz case

Martin Leonard

Nexus 5X from the Google play store.

No nexus’ in JB Hi-Fi in Indooroopilly today.

Amirreza Ahmadi

6P 64gb graphite + official case
Google store
Status: processing


Picking up my 6P from JB Hi-Fi tomorrow morning.


I went with the 6P 64Gb Aluminium and the Nexus case from the Google Play Store. Still has status of Processing, it would have been a nice gesture if they timed orders to arrive same time as retail sales begin.

vijay alapati

none of designs struck me, may be next time.


Optus ordered and loving the build. Setting up a breeze and love the fact you can now automatically setup phone as per previous device. Only 30 mins in and I don’t I am gonna regret switching over Note 5.

Bootloops Anonymous

Waiting for 6P to go on sale at kogan, then 64GB Frost.

Phill Edwards

Nexus 5, white 32GB from Google Store. Waiting for delivery. Am going to buy case and cables and charger from Ausdroid store.

Daniel Adams

I have had my 64gb Aluminium 6p since Thursday from JB HiFi.

Also i have ordered an ADOPTED Protective Case (Clear Frost) from the google store!

Phillip Molly Malone

6P in 64GB Frost from Google!


Ordered the 6P, waiting for delivery. No email from Virgin yet saying they’ve shipped it out.


Got the Nexus 6P 32gb in Aluminum and ordered from Optus. Arrived today and took 30 minutes to set up. Really happy with the quality of everything. 🙂

Stephen Crisafulli

64g frost white 6P, google play. Waiting on email for shipping


I see the word Poll in the title, but I don’t see a poll!?

Alex Gerontzos

Just waiting by the phone for my store to tell me its in stock the 6p that is..


6P from Optus. Waiting for delivery. Cannot sit still. Screw Santa, the Optus delivery guy is all I want this year.


My wife has just received the 64 GB 6P, I had ordered from Vodafone. Got bundled Talkband2, case and headset. Unfortunately I have to be in away for work till Saturday. Damm !!! cannot wait to hold the phone in my hand.


still undecided, 6p looks awesome, but $1000 for a phone which takes 5 seconds to crack the screen ?


Please don’t take those YouTube videos seriously…

Dean Jones



6p from Google store. I don’t quite like Google way of selling products which is not fair for customers online ordering. For Apple, they can always make sure retailers, carriers, Apple store and online orders receive the device on the same day. No parts can sell phones to customers earlier.


None unfortunately, the value proposition isn’t there anymore. Although if I had a grand to drop on a phone its be 6P all the way – the reported build quality issues and software bugginess in the 5X turn me off, notwithstanding it being my preferred size.

Matej Pribelsky

6P in 64GB Frost from Google! Hopefully shipping today… can’t wait! 🙂

John Batman

5X from Harvey Norman. Not yet dispatched. Still ‘processing’.


6p Graphite 64 GB from Google Store. Quite sure will tak a while to reach me.


6P when it arrives at the Store

Alex Milev

urghh are the google play store orders coming in next week? Probably better to cancel and pick up from retailer?

alec cutler

Depends on what model you’re ordering most retailers only have the aluminium in either 32 or 64gb.


Has anyone gotten a shipment notification from Google yet?

Alex Milev

not yet..on the website it says by the 3rd of November..


Nope and it’s getting me annoyed.


Me neither. I’ll leave my order active but I’ll be ringing JB first thing tomorrow. If I can get one, I’ll hopefully be able to cancel my order before it ships. I don’t see why retailers should be selling the devices before Google has even despatched them. It’s very annoying!


My order just changed to processing. The cancel option has disappeared, so I guess I won’t be buying from JB tomorrow! Giddy up. Might still have it by Friday.


eagerly waiting for mine from optus today


Waiting for 128GB from Google Store.

Dean Jones

Stay strong buddy, we’ll have our day.


128GB Nexus 6P available now (Aluminium only) from Google Store Australia.


I missed the delivery guy when he came to deliver the 6Ps for my wife and I from Vodafone this morning. Now I have to wait until I can collect them from the mail centre this afternoon.


6P from Optus. Just arrived and I’m shocked at how ‘precious’ this phone feels. I’m definitely picking up a case for it ASAP.