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Nexus 6P owners who have connected their handsets with Telstra’s mobile network appear to be experiencing connectivity issues that aren’t found on other carriers. In particular, users have taken to Whirlpool and Google’s Product Support Forums (links below) to express their concerns and to try to find a solution .. though at this stage, it doesn’t appear a solution is forthcoming.

The Nexus 6P, which isn’t sold by Telstra, appears to take issue with connection to Telstra’s 4G network, though the cause of the issue remains unknown. The most commonly experienced issue is when moving from a WiFi connection to mobile data; users have described seeing the 4G network indicator change quickly to a 4G! indicator (which means data connectivity is not working), with the only solution being to power down the phone and restart it, though toggling airplane mode seems to work for others.

Whirlpool user SydSider described the issue thus:

My 6P would not connect to internet after switching from wifi to 4G on Telstra network, this problem surfaces after leaving the phone on wifi with screen off for a while (something like a coffee time) or leaving home in the morning, mobile status would show 4G! icon, toggle airplane mode gets internet back.

I also could not make any phone calls while connected to 4G, N6 would switch to 3G when making calls, but 6P doesn’t, 4G icon stays . It seems something to do with Telstra’s VoLTE.

Hope this gets fixed soon.

One solution, though not a particularly popular one, is to lock-off 4G access when using Telstra, which prevents the issue from arising. Users can do this through the Settings -> More (under Wireless and Networks) -> Mobile Networks -> Preferred Network Type and selecting 3G.

We’ve approached Telstra and Huawei about the issue, and we’ll come back to you with any further developments.

Source: Google Product Support ForumsWhirlpool.
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Sean Zemunik

Got mine and it works. I will send a donation to ausdroid in die course for the effort. Thanks guys and good work

Jason Murray

Thats very kind, thanks Sean!

Sean Zemunik



There is an update downloading onto my 6P at the moment which claims to fix 4G issues. Hopefully this will do the trick. otherwise I’ll have to call Tesltra for the Modini fix (Also keep in mind that Telstra only went live with the Volte system this September).

Sean Zemunik

Does anyone know if we can return the phone to google because of this. Im officially over it


I heard that someone already returned/ got a refund without any issues – call Google Store/ Google Nexus support and ask them


I don’t see why not. Australian Consumer Law is pretty good on things like this, and if a phone doesn’t support one of three major carriers, I’d say that’s a pretty valid reason to return it and claim a refund, whether it was bought through the Google Store or elsewhere.

locklan lee

I also have this issue, in Perth Western Australia 4g, it happens after I leave WiFi connection, there is a hazard sign next the 4g connection and nothing loads.


This is becoming ridiculous. Can Telstra/Huawei/Google at least address the issue and when/if a resolution is being worked on?

Greg Watts

I’m having this same problem with my Nexus 6P using Optus through Amaysim. Amaysim told me it was a hardware problem – so JB here I come.


Fun fact 1: I knocked my 6P back to Telstra 3G and it’s been fantastic. Everywhere I go there is a strong signal and good data speeds.

Fun fact 2: Did the same with my LTE Tab S because I Odin’d a Korean ROM on it to get Lollipop and 4G is wonky. Yeah, the Aussie Tab S 8.4 is stuck on Kit Kat. Bad Samsung! Anyway, 3G on it has been great too.

Abe Sharma

Can confirm this 100% works. I’m akqrate from Whirlpool forums, I have also posted this to the Google Support forum.

Again, Phant0m from Whirlpool forums deserves all the credit.


Guys, apparently this is the fix (massive props to Phant0m on Whirlpool forums for this fix (copied and pasted from Phant0m’s post on WhirlPool forums below.)..


Call the Telstra mobile assurance team (Mobile Faults) (125 111)

1. Have them Check in a system called “Modini” they need to check and ensure the “HLR/HSS comparator” Alignment issues are fixed (It tells them onscreen if there’s an issue)

2. Ensure they have Volte enabled this is another tab in Modini

Once its all aligned and in Green this should fix your issue and it has on the couple I have investigated.

Sean Zemunik

Have conacted telstra who have activaed volte. Will turn the phone back on in an hour. Hope all goes well


Is it worth contacting Google Support via email as well in regards to this issue? I’m thinking they’ll have to bring out an OTA update?


Can confirm issues with 4G sticking, also drops out frequently on any HSPA signal on Telstra. Got a whole lot of 3G signals. Will be returning this phone to JB Hi-Fi for a refund

Eric Flynn

Good I’m on Optus 🙂

Isaac O'Leary

Ahh! Happy this is happening to other people! Sad there isn’t a solution! Please keep us updated

Joel Seemo

Picked my nexus 6p up this morning, has been going fine untill around 2 in the arvo, phone will intermittently say that it cant read the sim card, and when it gets signal wont connect to 4g.

Alex Di Blasio

I’ve had the ‘no sim card’ issue as well, thought I was the only one as I hadn’t seen anymore reports of it, good to know it’s not just me. Are you planning to return your phone?

Joel Seemo

Hey mate. Yep I’m going to return it to Harvey Norman at lunch and see what can be done. I haven’t had any signal for about two hours this morning, it will randomly get signal for a few mins then dissapear for ages. And the phone gets really hot while it has no signal, to the point that I have to take it out of my pocket.

Joel Seemo

Also even if it does get signal, 4g or even 3g won’t work

Alex Di Blasio

Looks like a fix has been found now ^^ I’ve found a Bluetooth Audio streaming issue as well, would be interesting to see if you can replicate (if you have a Bluetooth speaker) – as you had the ‘no sim card’ issue like me as well. I tried to post link to video but didn’t seem to work, look on YouTube for ‘nexus 6p Bluetooth issue’ thanks.

Adrian G

If you have the issue on your Nexus 6P and with Telstra, make sure you STAR the Google Support Product Forum post. The more stars the more attention.


I experienced the issue once today when leaving home (and WiFi). I fixed it by resetting the APN. I’d rather not have to do that every day!

Andrew Palozzo

If this works or seems like a much better solution than resetting the entire device at least for now, until a permanent fix is found.


Just got my 6P today and just had this issue. I hope they can fix this quickly.


Ive been having the same issues with my Nexus 4 with Vodafone. Its only started happening with Lollipop 5.1. Possibly an android problem rather than the carrier.


No issues on my Nexus 6P. Been running on Telstra 4G since yesterday

Adrian G

Oh dear. I’m on Telstra 4G with a 6P coming in the next few days 🙁


I’ve always have this problem with my Nexus 5, even after updating to Marshmallow it still does it.
Looks like there’s not much point upgrading phones now since it has the same problem.


I’ve experienced this same issue on a Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 on Telstra, and only Telstra. After switching away from WiFi it wouldn’t connect to cellular data and it would simply display a ! next to the signal bars. A reboot of the phone or toggling between 2G 3G and 4G generally connected to cellular data, but sometimes it needed multiple reboots to get cellular data back. I haven’t seen the issue in the past few months but it was definitely happening after Android 5.1 rolled out to those devices. I wonder what’s making multiple devices experience this issue… Read more »

Andrew Palozzo

Experiencing the same issues here with n6p on Telstra in Melb city.
Coming out of wifi, it’s just broken. Only way to restore it is to reboot the phone :'(


For what it’s worth, I had this issue on an HTC One M8.


I have the reception issues with the S6 , was looking to upgrade to the 6P, but it seems they issues may be even worse.

Avon Perera

Maybe this is why Telstra didn’t end up carrying the 6P. I remember seeing something about how Telstra and huawei weren’t exactly seeing eye to eye or something along those lines


telstra: support our fancy 4GX~
huawei: no

Will Dutton

My radio drops out completely after a phone call on telstra

David Jacka

My 6P did exactly that yesterday. I’ve had to set it to 3G. Looking forward to a fix

Adam Williams

I’ve been having a similar issue on my LG G3. Data completely drops out and I can do text and phone but no data at all. Staying on wireless fixes it but mostly have to repower to restore data to my phone. Very intermittent and very annoying seems to have started 2-3 weeks ago which is why I suspected a Telstra change caused it.

Daniel Adams

I have the 6p on Telstra, but I have not experienced this issue thankfully!